Lake Lugano, Switzerland

By | January 10, 2023

Lake Lugano is Italian Switzerland. It is located at an altitude of 271 m above sea level and is considered one of the warmest in the country. Here is a rare subtropical climate for Switzerland and the same flora – banana palms grow right on the shore, and the lake itself warms up to +25 degrees in summer.

The coast of Lugano Lake, especially its southern part, is considered one of the most expensive regions in the country. Many luxurious five-star hotels, luxury boutiques, restaurants and golf clubs have been built on the coast. Check homeagerly for more cities and countries in Europe.

The locals themselves, however, often prefer to go to have fun in neighboring Italy – it’s cheaper.

The most famous resorts are Lugano.

How to get there

Domestic (and some international charter) flights land at the local airport of Lugansk Lake Agno – for example, from Geneva or the same Zurich. Trains from Zurich to Lugano take 3 hours, from Basel – 3.5 hours, from Geneva – about 5.5 hours.

Also, Lugansk Lake can be reached from Milan – about 80 km along a multi-arch bridge, along which a railway and a highway are laid.


Taxis are available to tourists – ordinary and numerous water, municipal buses and funiculars. It is also pleasant to move around the region on foot – the distances are short, and the area is very picturesque.


Trout, eels and other lake fish are found in Lake Lugano, which form the basis of the menu of all coastal restaurants. In addition, due to the proximity to Italy, all kinds of pizzerias, spaghettes and other Italian eateries are very common in the region.

Entertainment and attractions

Lake Lugano in Switzerland is often called the “Rio of the Old World” for its hot climate and hot Italian temperament. Entertainment here is appropriate: windsurfing, paragliding, sailing and other water sports. There are several golf clubs, equestrian centres, and organized mountain and hiking tours.

As for cultural and historical attractions, it is worth visiting the luxurious Civico Palace, Villa Malpensata and beautiful medieval churches. Both children and adults will love the Switzerland in Miniature park, where you can see all the sights of the country on a scale of 1:25, as well as the Alprose Chocolate Museum and Civico Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Switzerland with a large collection of subtropical flora and exotic plants.

Among other things, nightlife is seething on the shore of the lake: restaurants, bars, discos and casinos, the Kursal leisure and entertainment center is especially famous among locals and tourists.

The main festivals that draw thousands of tourists to the nearby city of Locarno on Lake Maggiore are the Moon and Stars Music Festival in July and the Locarno International Film Festival in the first two weeks of August – the largest open-air in Europe.

Lake Lugano, Switzerland