Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

By | January 8, 2023

Lake Lucerne is colder than Lake Geneva, the nature here is more severe, and the climate is temperate. Rest on its shores is calm, well suited for families with children and older people. Young people may find it boring here.

Sailing, windsurfing, hiking and cycling in the mountains are popular on the lake. 20 kilometers from it is the ski resort Engelberg, from where you can get to the top of Titlis (3238 m), forever covered with snow, on a unique rotating cabin lift. Check diseaseslearning for more cities and countries in Europe.

Phone numbers

8-10-4141-phone number

How to get there

It is most convenient to fly to Zurich, from where it is about 60 km to the shores of Lake Lucerne. You can cover this distance by bus or train. In the latter case, the trip will last about 1 hour and cost about 35 CHF. In addition, trains run to Lucerne from Bern, Lugano and Geneva.

Main resorts

Lucerne is one of the most famous and beloved by tourists cities in Switzerland, a major cultural center of the German-speaking part of the country. This is an ideal place for those who cannot fully relax away from civilization.

Weggis is a town of just 4,000 people, the ideal starting point for excursions to the Alps, Zurich and Bern. Here you can find hotels for every budget: from budget, 80-90 CHF per night to the Michelin-starred Park Hotel. Weggis has a very mild climate. The mountains close the town from cold winds, and therefore magnolias, chestnut fig trees, grapes, orchids and even palm trees grow everywhere. A green zone stretches for several kilometers along the shore of the lake.

Vitznau is a resort, the first mention of which dates back to the 10th century, but it flourished by the end of the 19th century, when the high society of Germany and England chose it as their place of rest. Vitznau has it all: mountain air, a mild climate with figs, persimmons, chestnuts and palm trees, and a high level of comfort.

Bürgenstock is a mountain-climatic forest resort at an altitude of 950 meters above sea level. The peninsula covered with mountains, on which a whole complex of hotels is located, is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world and a separate pride of Switzerland. It is believed that the air of Bürgenstock – light, clean and slightly discharged – is a universal remedy for insomnia, fatigue and depression.

Meggen and Morschach are pretty towns with a minimum number of hotels and maximum beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland