Lake Arthur, New Mexico

By | March 26, 2023

According to TRAVELATIONARY, Lake Arthur is a small city located in Chaves County, New Mexico. It has a population of about 2,000 people and is situated on the edge of the Pecos River. The city has a semi-arid climate with hot summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The city has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century when it was founded by homesteaders from Texas. It was officially incorporated in 1926, but it wasn’t until the 1950s that Lake Arthur experienced significant growth as an oil boom brought new business and people to the area. Today, Lake Arthur is home to a variety of industries including agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and energy production.

Lake Arthur is served by two public school districts – Chaves County Schools and Lake Arthur Local Schools – which offer educational opportunities for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. There are also several private schools located in the area which provide religious instruction as well as academic programs for students of all ages.

The city boasts several landmarks such as the old Lake Arthur Hotel & Saloon which dates back to the 1800s and has been restored to its original condition; the historic Pecos River bridge; and a variety of monuments dedicated to prominent citizens who have made contributions to the local community over time.

When it comes to politics, Lake Arthur leans conservatively with most residents voting Republican in presidential elections since 2000. In terms of economy, the city relies heavily on its agricultural industry with crops such as cotton being farmed near town. Additionally, there are many businesses that serve tourists who come out to enjoy its natural beauty or take advantage of its recreational activities such as fishing and camping at nearby lakes or visiting local museums like Roswell Museum & Art Center or Hubbard Museum of American West History & Art Center.

Population: 432. Estimated population in July 2020: 432 (0.0% change)
Males: 231 (53.5%), Females: 201 (46.5%)

Chaves County

Zip code: 88253

Median resident age: 28.6 years
Median household income: $22,386
Median house value: $40,200

Races in Lake Arthur:

  • Hispanic (70.1%)
  • Other race (34.5%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (28.9%)
  • Two or more races (1.4%)
  • American Indian (1.2%)
  • Other Asian (0.7%)

(Total can be greater than 100% because Hispanics could be counted in other races)

Ancestries: Irish (8.1%), German (6.3%), United States (4.6%), English (3.2%).

Elevation: 3378 feet

Land area: 0.5 square miles


Lake Arthur, New Mexico is a small, rural town located in the southeast corner of the state. As of the 2010 census, the population was 545 people. The population is predominantly white with a small Hispanic population. The median age is 43 years old and most of the adults are married couples. The majority of residents work in agriculture or related industries such as oil and gas extraction. There is a strong sense of community within the town, with many residents actively involved in local organizations and activities. Education is highly valued by residents as well; Lake Arthur has its own elementary school and also serves as part of a larger district that includes two other schools in neighboring towns.

The economy in Lake Arthur relies heavily on agriculture, with most of its citizens employed either directly or indirectly by it. There are also several oil and gas companies that operate in the area, providing employment to many local citizens. In addition to these industries, there are also several small businesses located within Lake Arthur offering services such as automotive repair shops and convenience stores. Residents often visit nearby towns for shopping needs or to take advantage of larger entertainment venues offered there such as movie theaters or bowling alleys. Additionally, Lake Arthur provides many recreational activities such as fishing and hunting which attract visitors from all over New Mexico and beyond each year.

For population 25 years and over in Lake Arthur

  • High school or higher: 53.9%
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher: 4.9%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 2.5%
  • Unemployed: 4.6%
  • Mean travel time to work: 22.8 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Lake Arthur town

  • Never married: 26.4%
  • Now married: 52.4%
  • Separated: 2.2%
  • Widowed: 7.4%
  • Divorced: 11.5%

14.6% Foreign born (14.6% Latin America).

Population change in the 1990s: +92 (+27.1%).


Hospitals/medical centers near Lake Arthur:



Airports certified for carrier operations nearest to Lake Arthur:

  • ROSWELL INDUSTRIAL AIR CENTER (about 24 miles; ROSWELL, NM; Abbreviation: ROW)
  • CAVERN CITY AIR TRML (about 47 miles; CARLSBAD, NM; Abbreviation: CNM)
  • LEA COUNTY RGNL (about 83 miles; HOBBS, NM; Abbreviation: HOB)

Other public-use airports nearest to Lake Arthur:

  • ARTESIA MUNI (about 13 miles; ARTESIA, NM; Abbreviation: ATS)
  • LEA COUNTY-ZIP FRANKLIN MEMORIAL (about 67 miles; LOVINGTON, NM; Abbreviation: E06)
  • TATUM (about 78 miles; TATUM, NM; Abbreviation: E07)

Colleges and Universities

Colleges/universities with over 2000 students nearest to Lake Arthur:

  • EASTERN NEW MEXICO UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS (about 107 miles; PORTALES, NM; Full-time enrollment: 2,955)
  • SOUTH PLAINS COLLEGE (about 142 miles; LEVELLAND, TX; Full-time enrollment: 3,851)
  • ODESSA COLLEGE (about 154 miles; ODESSA, TX; Full-time enrollment: 2,555)
  • EL PASO COMMUNITY COLLEGE (about 164 miles; EL PASO, TX; Full-time enrollment: 11,127)
  • THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT EL PASO (about 171 miles; EL PASO, TX; Full-time enrollment: 12,071)
  • MIDLAND COLLEGE (about 172 miles; MIDLAND, TX; Full-time enrollment: 2,800)
  • NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY-MAIN CAMPUS (about 173 miles; LAS CRUCES, NM; Full-time enrollment: 12,562)


Public high school in Lake Arthur:

  • LAKE ARTHUR HIGH (Students: 49; Location: 700 BROADWAY; Grades: 09 – 12)

Public primary/middle schools in Lake Arthur:

  • LAKE ARTHUR ELEM (Students: 83; Location: 700 BROADWAY; Grades: PK – 05)
  • LAKE ARTHUR MID (Students: 47; Location: 700 BROADWAY; Grades: 06 – 08)

Lake Arthur, New Mexico