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By | July 24, 2022

Kiribati: Business and economic cooperation with the Czech Republic

Bilateral trade relations between the Czech Republic and Kiribati are insignificant. Trade exchange for the period 2013 – 2017 reached a volume of 19 thousand. USD. Almost 100% of this exchange took place in 2015, when imports from Kiribati to the Czech Republic amounted to 4,000 USD, and 15,000 USD worth of goods were exported from the Czech Republic. In the rest of the period, mutual trade was absolutely negligible, the nature of the items random and their purpose uncertain. Visit Calculatorinc for more information about Kiribati culture and traditions.

Balance of mutual trade exchange for the last 5 years

10 most important Czech export/import items

Imports from Kiribati to the Czech Republic 2013-2017
SKU Name of the goods Statistical value (thousands of USD)
0803 Bananas including plantains, fresh and dried 5
4011 New rubber tires 0
8482 Ball roller needle bearings 0
6204 Costumes dresses skirts pants ap women’s girls 0

Source: CZSO

Exports from the Czech Republic to Kiribati were not realized in the period 2013-2017, with the exception of 2015.

Exports from the Czech Republic to Kiribati in 2015
SKU Name of the goods Statistical value (thousands of USD)
8517 Telephone devices, other devices for broadcasting, receiving voice, data, etc 10
8544 Wires, cables, electrical conductors, insulated, etc 4

Kiribati: Map of industry opportunities – prospective Czech export items

Given the insufficient overall infrastructure of the country, opportunities for export can be seen in the area of ​​small-scale renewable energy sources, water treatment or agricultural machinery and tools. Investments in tourism can also be interesting.

Kiribati: Basic conditions for the use of Czech goods on the market

Import conditions and documents, customs system, export control, domestic market protection

It is prohibited to import counterfeit currency, foods declared dangerous, pornography, animals and furs according to a special regulation, matches with white or yellow phosphorus, goods infringing the trademark of Kiribati entities, opium and preparations for smoking opium. Goods with the national emblem of Kiribati or an emblem so similar as to cause confusion, fictitious postage stamps and materials for their manufacture, shooting knives, gravity knives, “boxers”, faithful imitation firearms, gambling devices, other prohibited goods under special regulations.

  • Programingplease: Yearbook 2010 of nation Kiribati, including population, politics, and abbreviations.

The import of alcohol, soil and other goods is subject to restrictions according to special regulations. The export ban applies to all goods whose export is prohibited according to special regulations.

Conditions for setting up an office, representative office, joint venture

Requirements for promotion, marketing, advertising (use of HSP), important fairs and exhibitions in the territory

Issues of intellectual property protection

Intellectual property law in Kiribati is governed by four inherited British statutes, the most recent of which dates back to 1977. The legal framework is therefore very outdated. Recognizes utility models, patents, trademarks and copyrights. More information is available on the Kiribati Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperation website.

Public procurement market

State authorities publish tenders sporadically on the websites of individual ministries. However, most projects are sponsored by international organizations (World Bank, Asian Development Bank, EU and others).

Ways of resolving commercial disputes, risks of the local market and investing in the territory, usual payment terms, payment ethics

Local customs important for business contacts, official and spoken language(s), public holidays, working and sales hours

Official language:

  • Kiribati, English

Public holidays 2015:

  • New Year
  • Women’s Day
  • 29.3. Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • 19.4. National Health Day
  • 1Independence Day
  • 1Den evangelia
  • 1Seniors Day
  • Youth Day
  • 12.10. National Education Day
  • 9.12. Human Rights and Peace Day
  • 25.12. Christmas
  • 26.12. Christmas

Currency used:

  • Australian dollar

Visas, fees, specific conditions for traveling to the territory (areas with increased risk for foreigners)

Citizens of the Czech Republic are not required to obtain a visa before travelling. In order to issue a visit permit, it is necessary to have a return ticket or sufficient funds to purchase it and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay.

Conditions for employment of citizens from the Czech Republic

Citizens of the Czech Republic are required to obtain a work permit on the spot. This agenda falls under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration in Tarawa.

Conditions for the use of local health care by Czech and EU citizens

Health care in Kiribati is not up to the western standard. Due to the situation where doctors assume payment for treatment in cash, it is absolutely necessary to arrange a quality international health insurance valid for the Oceania region before the trip, which will allow for a later reimbursement of incurred expenses.

Dengue fever occurs occasionally in the country, so mosquito bites should be prevented by frequent use of repellents. It is strongly recommended to drink only bottled or boiled water. All vegetables should be cooked and fruit should be peeled before consumption.

Mandatory vaccination: Vaccination against yellow fever is required for persons older than 1 year who arrive from countries with endemic yellow fever. Vaccination should take place at least 10 days before entering the country.

Recommended vaccinations : Vaccination against viral hepatitis A and against typhoid fever is strongly recommended. In case of a long stay, vaccination against viral hepatitis B is recommended. Check your vaccinations against diphtheria, tetanus and measles.

Malaria : None.

Other risks of infectious diseases : diarrheal diseases, dengue fever, lymphatic filariasis, viral hepatitis C, venereal diseases.

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