Kenya Telecommunications

By | April 1, 2021

The Kenyan landline telephone network is prone to failure, only very few people have access to it and has long been overtaken by mobile communications. In addition, you usually have to wait a long time for a private connection to be set up. The mobile phone providers have continuously expanded their networks so that there are hardly any dead spots, and because of the competition it is still cheap at the moment.

As a result, statistically more than four fifths of Kenyans were already equipped with a mobile phone in 2014, which is used in particular for text messages, photos and to transfer money. The industry leader is Safaricom, who also established the mobile banking M-Pesa in Kenya, one of the engines of economic transformation; Today, according to World Bank data, 93 percent use cell phones, and more than 70 percent transfer or receive money via cell phone.

An advertising board on Thigiri Road in Nairobi

An advertising board on Thigiri Road in Nairobi

Internet is also available in many places, the number of users is estimated by the World Bank at 23 percent of the population, but figures are also circulating far beyond 45 percent. The next generation of affordable smartphones suitable for the tropics will further revolutionize communication in the country. In Nairobi, many offices and private households have had Internet access for a long time, now in many places with fast transmission rates, as the advertising above promises. In rural areas, this often fails because of the lack of electricity. Against the background of the Corona crisis and the need to work from home, the power supply aspect has now become even more urgent.

The sculpture of a Maasai man sitting in the Village Market shopping center with a laptop on his lap indicates how much the Internet has penetrated everyday life in Kenya as well. At 80 to 100 US dollars, smartphones are still too expensive for the masses, but even in this case it is only a matter of time before the majority of Wananchi (citizens) will use the internet-compatible cell phone.

Metal sculpture in the Village Market

Tips and addresses

The German embassy can be found in the Lavington district, 113 Riverside Drive. The embassy can be reached by phone at +254 20/42 62 100. There is a mobile phone ready for emergencies. In the case of a long-term stay in Kenya, a major country in African continent according to programingplease, it is advisable to enter the above crisis prevention list.

There is no longer a German honorary consul in Mombasa, instead the embassy has office hours (see above).

The German School Nairobi (with boarding school and kindergarten) near the UN in the Gigiri district can also be found on the Internet (Michael Grzimek School). But there are numerous other training centers, provided that the language of instruction does not have to be German.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is an important point of contact for Kenyan and German exchange students – and those who want to become one.

The intercultural dialogue between Europeans and Kenyans has existed for more than 150 years, initiated in Germany by the namesake of the embassy house in Nairobi, the missionary and linguist Johann Ludwig Krapf. But there are different views on how to successfully conduct the dialogue. Some didactic simplifications lead to a questionable cliché, for example that people in Africa have the time while Europeans have to look at the clock. In any case, trainers and coaches advise to deal with the consequences, for example for the children, before leaving the country (incidentally, also before returning). to deal with.

The Chamber of Commerce of Central Lower Rhine has one related to Kenya cultural profile and behavioral advice presented, full instructions are also many autobiographical writings and novels, as well as blogs by Germans on site, such as the quite prominent become first ladies blog author Michael Hasenpusch, the it as MAP (partner traveling with you) has ended up in Nairobi.

Bilingual from kindergarten to high school

Bilingual from kindergarten to high school

Giraffe and big city

Giraffe and big city

Video streams from and about Kenya

It is no problem to get in the mood for everyday life in Kenya with the help of the endless stream of YouTube videos. There are video snippets of many ethnic groups that at least reproduce traditional music, clothing and dances. Here is an additional selection:

  • Inside Africa
  • Football in the slums of Nairobi
  • Children in the village school
  • Yesu Nakupenda
  • Raid on the editorial office

If you are a little interested in politics and how much humor the Kenyans endure it, the comedy group Reddykulass is the right place for you.