Kentucky Travel Information

By | October 15, 2022

ATTRACTIONS: (some main ones)

Kentucky’s most visited attractions include the Blue Grass area and its thoroughbred horse farms, Churchill Downs and Louisville, Cumberland Gap National Park, “Land Between the Lakes” National Recreation Area, Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace near Hodgenville, Mammoth Cave, and Shaker Village of Pleasant Village.

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  • Bowling green
  • Covington
  • Frankfurt
  • Hopkinsville
  • Lexington
  • Louisville
  • Owensboro


  • Electricity: 110/120V, 60Hz
  • Times to Travel: With numerous statewide attractions, historical points of interest and gorgeous, stunning countryside in every direction, Kentucky offers a wonderful family vacation destination any time of the year.

Kentucky weather

Climate: Kentucky has, for the most part, a temperate climate throughout the year. Summers are very pleasant, but occasional hot and humid days are not uncommon. Winter snows are rarely a big part of the problem as the accumulation melts quickly.

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Statewide summer highs (in July) are approaching 80 degrees. January is the coldest month with average high temperatures around 36 degrees.

Statewide, annual precipitation averages around 50 inches, with some higher amounts in the southern parts of the state.

Seasonal Temperature Averages:

High Temperatures (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 42/5 (February) 32/0 (March) 61/15 (April) 62/16

May 80/26 (June) 86/29 (July) 86/29 (August) 94/34

(September) 86/29 (October) 72/22 (November) 53/12 (December) 43/6

Low temperatures (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 28/-2 (February) 14/-10 (March) 41/5 (April) 42/5

May 55/13 (June) 63/17 (July) 63/17 (August) 70/20

(September) 60/15 (October) 51/10 (November) 34/1 (December) 29/-1


High temperatures (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 45/7 (February) 46/8 (March) 52/11 (April) 64/18

May 73/23 (June) 78/25 (July) 84/29 (August) 84/ 29

(September) 83/28 (October) 75/24 (November) 63/17(December) 51/11

Low Temperatures (Fahrenheit / Celsius)

(Jan) 28/-2 (February) 29/-2 (March) 33/0 (April) 43/6

May 54/12 (June) 60/16 ( July) 67/19 (August) 66/19

(September) 63/17 (October) 50/10 (November) 43/6 (December) 35/2

Kentucky Travel Information