Kennebunkport, Maine Population, Schools and Places of Interest

By | October 11, 2023

According to DigoPaul, Kennebunkport, Maine, is a charming coastal town located in York County. Situated on the Gulf of Maine, the town offers picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean and boasts a rich maritime history. With its beautiful beaches, historic homes, and vibrant downtown area, Kennebunkport is a popular tourist destination and a beloved hometown for many.

Surrounded by the towns of Kennebunk to the south and Arundel to the west, Kennebunkport is part of the larger Kennebunks region. The town covers an area of approximately 49 square miles, with a population of around 3,500 residents. Despite its small size, Kennebunkport has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities.

To the south of Kennebunkport lies the town of Kennebunk, its sister town and often regarded as its twin. Kennebunk is slightly larger, with a population of around 11,000 residents. The two towns share a common history and a deep-rooted sense of community. Visitors often enjoy exploring both towns, as they offer a diverse range of shops, restaurants, and attractions.

To the west of Kennebunkport is the town of Arundel. With its rolling countryside and scenic landscapes, Arundel provides a peaceful and rural contrast to the coastal charm of Kennebunkport. Arundel is known for its agricultural heritage and is home to several working farms, where visitors can experience local produce and even pick their own fruits and vegetables during the harvest season.

Heading east from Kennebunkport, one will encounter the Atlantic Ocean and the stunning coastline of Maine. The town’s shoreline is dotted with beautiful sandy beaches, including Goose Rocks Beach, which is renowned for its pristine white sand and picturesque dunes. These beaches attract visitors from near and far, who come to enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and various water activities.

Beyond the immediate bordering towns, Kennebunkport is within driving distance of several other notable destinations. To the north, the city of Portland is located approximately 30 miles away. Known for its vibrant arts scene, historic architecture, and bustling waterfront, Portland offers a range of cultural attractions, including museums, galleries, and theaters.

Further northeast is Freeport, home to the world-famous L.L.Bean flagship store and numerous outlet shops. Freeport is a haven for shoppers seeking great deals on clothing, outdoor gear, and home goods. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and fishing in the nearby Bradbury Mountain State Park.

In conclusion, Kennebunkport, Maine, is a picturesque coastal town with a rich history and a vibrant community. Surrounded by the towns of Kennebunk and Arundel, it offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural attractions, and outdoor activities. With its stunning beaches, charming downtown area, and proximity to other notable destinations like Portland and Freeport, Kennebunkport is a must-visit location for anyone looking to experience the best of Maine’s coastal charm.

Population, Schools and Landmarks in Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport, Maine, is a picturesque coastal town located in York County. With a population of approximately 3,500 residents, it is a popular tourist destination known for its charming New England charm, beautiful beaches, and historical landmarks. Let’s delve deeper into the population, schools, and landmarks that make Kennebunkport unique.

Population: Kennebunkport is a small town that offers a close-knit community feel. The population is predominantly white, with a median age of around 52 years. The town experiences a significant influx of tourists during the summer months, which adds to its vibrant atmosphere. The residents take great pride in preserving the town’s rich history and natural beauty.

Schools: Kennebunkport is served by the RSU 21 school district, which includes several schools in neighboring towns. The town itself is home to the Kennebunkport Consolidated School (KCS), a public elementary school providing education from pre-kindergarten to grade 5. The school offers a nurturing and supportive learning environment for its students, focusing on academic excellence and character development.

For middle and high school education, students in Kennebunkport attend schools in the neighboring town of Kennebunk. Kennebunk High School is well-regarded for its comprehensive curriculum, extracurricular activities, and dedicated faculty. The school focuses on providing a well-rounded education, preparing students for college and beyond.

Landmarks: Kennebunkport is brimming with historical landmarks that tell the story of its rich past. One such iconic landmark is the Walker’s Point Estate, which served as the summer residence of President George H.W. Bush and his family. The sprawling estate offers breathtaking views of the ocean and is a testament to the town’s close connection with the Bush family.

Another notable landmark is the Franciscan Monastery, a peaceful retreat nestled on the banks of the Kennebunk River. The monastery, with its beautiful architecture and serene surroundings, attracts visitors seeking solace and spiritual reflection.

Dock Square is the heart of Kennebunkport, bustling with charming shops, art galleries, and restaurants. This vibrant hub offers a delightful shopping and dining experience and serves as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

For nature enthusiasts, the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit. Spanning over 5,400 acres, the refuge offers a sanctuary for migratory birds and various wildlife species. Visitors can explore the diverse ecosystems through walking trails and observation points, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

Goose Rocks Beach and Kennebunk Beach are two popular coastal destinations that attract visitors with their pristine sandy shores and stunning ocean views. These beaches offer endless opportunities for relaxation, water sports, and scenic walks along the coastline.

In conclusion, Kennebunkport, Maine, is a charming coastal town with a close-knit community, excellent schools, and rich historical landmarks. Whether it’s exploring the town’s historical sites, enjoying the natural beauty of its beaches, or immersing oneself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dock Square, Kennebunkport offers a unique and memorable experience for residents and visitors alike.