Job Interview Thank You

Job Interview Thank You

The Importance of Thank You Note

Resumes and cover letters get the attention, but thank-you notes often get results. Sending thank-you notes makes both good manners and good job search sense. When used properly, thank-you notes can help you create a positive impression with employers that more formal correspondence often can’t.

Three Times When You Should Definitely Send Thank-You Notes

Thank you notes have a more intimate and friendly social tradition than formal and manipulative business correspondence.  I think that is one reason they work so well – people respond to those who show good manners and say thank you. Here are some situations when you should use them, along with some sample notes.

1. Before an Interview

In some situations, you can send a less formal note before an interview, usually by email, unless the interview is scheduled for a fairly distant future date. For example, you can simply thank someone for being willing to see you. Depending on the situation, enclosing a resume could be inappropriate. Remember, this note is supposed to be a sincere thanks for help and not an assertive business situation. You could, however, enclose a Card. This note also serves as a way to confirm the date and time of the scheduled interview and as a gentle reminder to the recipient that you will be showing up at that time.

2. After the interview

One of the best times to send a thank-you note is right after an interview. Here are several reasons why:

  • Doing so creates a positive impression. The employer will assume you have good follow-up skills as well as good manners.
  • It creates yet another opportunity for you to remain in the employer’s consciousness at an important time.
  • It gives you a chance to get in the last word. You get to include a subtle remainder of why you’re the best candidate for the job and can address any concerns that might have come up during the interview.
  • If the employers has buried, passed along, or otherwise lost your resume and previous correspondence, a thank-you note and enclosed Card provide one more chance for that person to find your number and call you.

For these reasons, we suggest you send a thank-you note right after the interview and certainly within 24 hours.

Thank You Note