Iraq – The War is Over

By | December 19, 2021

A few months have passed since the end of the war in Iraq, now a bit of everyone is tearing up their clothes in the face of the (alleged) failure of the American plans. They expected a welcome like Rome June 1944 and, instead, the people, with rare exceptions, immediately made it clear to the US soldiers that they considered them as invaders. What is more, a small guerrilla has spontaneously grown up that faints and confuses the GIs and those who command them on the ground and on the banks of the Potomac. The real trouble is that the American summit gives the impression of not knowing exactly what to do: in order not to spoil a victory that, even if it is scamuffa, there was, to start an entire people on the difficult path of democracy, to give the definitive order to Palestine now that, with the irremediable defeat of the most dangerous army (the Iraqi one). For Iraq political system, please check equzhou.

This being the case, it is of little or no importance that Saddam is captured or killed tomorrow or in some time. Americans have everything they need to triumph: money, power, the right friends, oil, so it seems legitimate to write that the game is still to be played. For what the judgment of the old reporter who has spent a good part of his service as a journalist in the Near East is worth, I believe that we will have to wait another six months or so to determine whether the Americans have succeeded (or not) in transform their brilliant military victory into a geostrategic success. Six months should be enough to make us understand if, as I think, the guerrilla is the daughter of spontaneism or constitutes an Iraqi intifada in a nutshell. or even a new Vietnam. The old colonial empires had respect for the ‘precedents’, they practiced the study of history, the courage of authority. They did not pretend redemption campaigns, they took into account the hatred of the submissives, taking care only that it did not exceed physiological limits. After the Second World War, the old empires died of internal consumption and therefore of historical fatality, if we can say so. Their disappearance created an immense geostrategic void which, due to the inertia of history, the United States was forced to fill. But the United States is born from a revolution of settlers against imperial England so that the imperialist exercise, the colonialist practice, is missing in the DNA of the Americans. That’s why they always give

Giulio Andreotti, who has long been foreign minister, says that history gives you your neighbors and partners and it is with them that you must unravel it for the common good, that is, for peace. So let’s also criticize the Americans, let’s face them that they are wrong, in our opinion of course, but let’s not put a spoke in their wheels. The Iraqi game is too complicated to let the Americans play it alone. The old Europe should, humbly, say once again to the Americans, who have given us Freedom, a few but heartfelt words: you put in the power, we put in the experience. In two you suffer less and succeed better. Everything is about having clear ideas. This is easier said than done because Iraq is a really complicated country. The majority of the population is Shia, but Sunnis have always been allowed into the control room. The country floats on oil but does not have a large outlet to the sea and this afflicts it to the point of having waged a war against Kuwait for it (that’s the reason for the first Gulf War, other than humiliated international law. “And if Kuwait produced broccoli? ”he asked himself, with a full-page headline, in 1991, the New York Times). That’s not all: the Kurdish problem cannot be solved by gassing (as Saddam tried to do) those populations or by negotiating with neo-Islamic Turkey. We need a new policy, full of wisdom but not without creative imagination. And last but not least, the premise of any unavoidable settlement, remains the tribal balance. Saddam managed to keep it by alternating corruption with persecution and vice versa. But he is finished, kaputt, so we will have to invent a different approach to that ancient reality, if we really want to reconstruct postmodern Iraq, ideologically anchored to Shiism, a religion of protest. Fingers crossed.

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