Interstate 95 in Connecticut

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Get started Green wich
End Clarks Falls
Length 112 mi
Length 180 km
New York

  • 2 Delavan Avenue
  • 3 Greenwich
  • 4 Indian Field Road
  • 5 Putnam Avenue
  • 6 West Stamford
  • 8 Downtown Stamford
  • 9 Main Street
  • 10 Noroton
  • 11 Darien
  • 12 Rowayton
  • 13 West Norwalk
  • 14 Connecticut Avenue
  • 15 → Danbury
  • 16 Downtown Norwalk
  • 17 East Norwalk
  • 18 Westport
  • 19 Post Road
  • 20 West Fairfield
  • 21 Fairfield
  • 22 East Fairfield
  • 23 West Bridgeport
  • 24 Kings Highway
  • 25 State Street
  • 26 Bridgeport
  • 27 → Waterbury
  • 28 East Bridgeport
  • 29 Bridgeport
  • 30 Sikorsky Airport
  • 31 Surf Avenue
  • 32 Broad Street
  • 33 Bridgeport Avenue
  • 34 Bridgeport Avenue
  • 35 West Milford
  • 36 Milford Parkway
  • 39 Boston Post Road
  • 40 East Milford
  • 41 Marsh Hill Road
  • 42 West Haven
  • 43 West New Haven
  • 44 Kimberly Avenue
  • 45 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard
  • 46 Sargent Drive
  • 47 → Hartford
  • 48 Townsend Avenue
  • 51 Frontage Road
  • 52 East Haven
  • 53 Branford
  • 54 Branford
  • 55 Main Street
  • 56 Leetes Island Drive
  • 57 Boston Post Road
  • 58 Guilford
  • 59 East Guilford
  • 60 Mungertown Road
  • 61 Madison Center
  • 62 Madison
  • 63 Clinton
  • 64 East Madison
  • 65 Westbrook
  • 66 Saybrook Manor
  • 67 Old Saybrook
  • 68 Boston Post Road
  • 69 → Hartford
  • 70 Old Lyme
  • 71 4 Mile River Road
  • 72 Niantic
  • 73 East Lyme
  • 74 Flanders Road
  • 75 Boston Post Road
  • 76 → Worcester
  • 80 Parkway North
  • 81 Waterford Parkway
  • 82 West New London
  • 83 Colman Street
  • 84 Downtown New London
  • 85 Water Street
  • 86 Groton
  • 87 Long Hill Road
  • 88 N Road
  • 89 West Mystic
  • 90 Mystic
  • 91 Pequot Trail
  • 92 Westerly
  • 93 Ashaway

Rhode Island

Interstate 95 or I -95 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Connecticut. The highway forms an east-west connection along the south coast of the state, along the Long Island Sound. The highway runs through all cities in southern Connecticut, from the New York state border through Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, New Haven and New London to the Rhode Island border. I-95 is 180 kilometers long in Connecticut.

  • WATCHTUTORIALS.ORG: Features why Connecticut has the nickname as Constitution State and its economy, history and geography.

Travel directions

I-95 at the Blue Star Memorial Bridge in New London.

I-95 at the border with Rhode Island.

Interstate 95 in New York crosses the border into the state of Connecticut at Greenwich. The highway here has 2×3 lanes and leads through densely wooded and suburban areas north of the Long Island Sound. Several larger towns follow one another, such as Greenwich, Stamford and Norwalk. These are cities in their own right, but also distant suburbs of New York City. I-95 here has 2×3 lanes at all times and runs through the centers of these cities. The exit density is quite high here. Further inland, the Merritt Parkway parallels I-95. In Norwalk follows an interchange with US 7.

Then you come to Bridgeport, the first city with more than 100,000 inhabitants, although the coastal region is one large suburban region. There is an interchange with State Route 8 at the center of Bridgeport. A little further east at Stratford one crosses the Housatonic River. There is a link road to the Merritt Parkway in Milford. Then comes the city of New Haven, one of the larger cities in Connecticut and the starting point of Interstate 91. Cross the Quinnipiac River via the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge. The bridge has 2×5 lanes, followed by 2×3 lanes.

East of New Haven, I-95 rapidly narrows to 2×2 lanes, with building density decreasing significantly here as well. I-95 passes through the densely forested coastal region here. There are also few larger towns on the route. At the town of Old Saybrook, State Route 9 ends at I-95, followed by the Raymond E. Baldwin Bridge over the Connecticut River. I-95 briefly has 2×3 lanes here, but quickly narrows to 2×2 lanes.

Just before New London, Interstate 395 exits. New London is the last major town on the I-95 route in Connecticut. In New London, the Thames River is crossed via the Gold Star Memorial Bridge, which consists of two 2×4 lane bridges. I-95 quickly narrows again to 2×3 lanes and further east again to 2×2 lanes. This section also passes through heavily wooded areas, and I-95 curves further inland, past Westerly, before the border with the state of Rhode Island. Interstate 95 in Rhode Island continues to Providence and Boston.

  • Provides state overview of Connecticut and its alternative name as The Constitution State


The highway was constructed as the Connecticut Turnpike, a toll road. Planning for the highway began in 1954 to relieve the parallel Merritt Parkway. On January 2, 1958, the 80-mile highway was opened between Greenwich and I-395 at New London. The Turnpike then continued to the Rhode Island border via what is now I-395. In October 1958, the westernmost 5 kilometers opened in Greenwich near the New York border. I-95 was a toll road until December 31, 1985. It is striking that the I-95 has a lot of connections for a toll road.

The easternmost portion of I-95 was not part of the Connecticut Turnpike. This part is 37 kilometers long. The first span of the Gold Star Memorial Bridge in New London opened in 1943, followed by the second span in 1973. I-95 was opened between I-395 and the Rhode Island border on December 12, 1964, with the exception of the Gold Star Memorial Bridge which was single-lane until 1973.

I-95 is congested almost all of Connecticut due to the state’s high urbanization rate. I-95 is gradually, but very slowly, being modernized here and there. In 1993, a new bridge opened over the Connecticut River at Saybrook. In 2001, the bridge over the Saugatuck River at Westport was replaced. In 2006 the section was opened wide by Bridgeport. The route through Norwalk and Stamford was widened in 2007 and 2008. A short widening in Norwalk was completed in 2015.

Between 2001 and 2016, lengthy work has been done to modernize I-95 in New Haven. Work focused on building the new Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge and modernizing the interchange with I-91. The work was largely completed in November 2016.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Exit 82 West New London Exit 86 Groton 7 km 00-00-1943
Exit 3 Greenwich Exit 76 West New London 134 km 02-01-1958
New York state line Exit 3 Greenwich 5 km 00-10-1958
Exit 76 I-395 Exit 82 West New London 9 km 00-00-1963
Exit 86 Groton Rhode Island state line 26 km 12-12-1964

Lane Configuration

Exits along this highway are numbered sequentially.

From Unpleasant lanes
Exit 0 Exit 55 2×3
Exit 55 Exit 84 2×2
Exit 84 Exit 86 2×4
Exit 86 Exit 89 2×3
Exit 89 Exit 93 2×2

Traffic intensities

I-95 at the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven.

130,000 vehicles cross the border with New York every day. This number fluctuates between 120,000 and 150,000 vehicles through Greenwich and Stamford, as well as 130,000 to 150,000 vehicles through Norwalk, peaking at 161,000 vehicles in Fairfield. There were 115,000 to 125,000 vehicles in Bridgeport and 120,000 to 150,000 vehicles in New Haven. There were 128,000 vehicles east of I-91, then gradually descending to 75,000 vehicles east of New Haven and 65,000 vehicles in Guilford. Some 60,000 vehicles drove at Saybrook, peaking at 82,000 vehicles east of State Route 9. This then drops to 55,000 vehicles west of New London, rising to 110,000 vehicles in New London. 52,000 vehicles passed through Groton, dropping to 39,000 vehicles at the Rhode Island border.


Between the New York and New Haven borders, I-95 is one of the most congested highways in the United States. Because freight traffic is not allowed on the parallel Merritt Parkway, I-95 is the only freight corridor along the East Coast of the United States. The entire section west of New Haven handles significantly more traffic than the road was designed for. The high exit density and urbanization exacerbate the situation.

East of New Haven, the intensities are lower, but only 2×2 lanes are available, except for a short stretch in New London. That is why the section between New Haven and New London is also heavily taxed. East of New London, the intensities are significantly lower.

Interstate 95 in Connecticut