Interstate 82 in Oregon

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Get started Umatilla
End Hermiston
Length 11 mi
Length 18 km
Washington1 Umatilla

5 Hermiston

10 Hermiston

11 → Portland / Boise

Interstate 82 or I -82 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Oregon. The highway forms a short north-south route in the northeast of the state, from the Washington state border at Umatilla to I-84 at Hermiston. I-82 is important for traffic from Seattle to Boise and Salt Lake City and vice versa. Interstate 82 is 11 miles long.

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Travel directions

I-82 begins at the Washington State border formed by the wide Columbia River. The bridge is located just west of the Lake Wallula dam. On the Oregon side is the town of Umatilla, which connects to US 730. I-82 has 2×2 lanes and runs south through a flat area with circular irrigation. I-82 goes around the small town of Hermiston and ends at an interchange with Interstate 84 after 11 miles.

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The Umatilla Bridge over the Columbia River on the Washington border.

I-82 was not one of the original 1956 Interstate Highways, but was added to the network later. I-82 used the 1955 toll bridge over the Columbia River at Umatilla. Plans for a freeway in this corridor were already made in 1958. At the time, a more westerly route through the Blalock Islands was proposed, closer to Boardman. However, this plan was rejected due to technical complexities, this would necessitate a long and unnecessarily expensive bridge, so it was decided to use the existing bridge at Umatilla. In 1964, the states of Oregon and Washington agreed on the route of I-82, which would connect to I-84 at Stanfield. Regionally, however, there was much dissatisfaction with this route, because some places would not be served by I-82. As a result, they proposed longer and more expensive alternative routes that would open up their place. The Tri Cities in Washington wanted a river crossing at Wallula, 35 miles east, and Boardman wanted a river crossing at this location, 20 miles west of Umatilla. Walla Walla in Washington also wanted an eastern route to open up their city.

In 1972, the Tri Cities in Washington gave up their efforts to allow I-82 to cross the Columbia River at Wallula after the FHWA approved a spur from I-82 to Pasco (the Interstate 182 in Washington ). In March 1973, Oregon and Washington agreed on the alternative of having I-82 cross the Columbia River at Umatilla and connect it to I-84 southwest of Hermiston. Tendering for I-82 began in 1979, although the last contracts were not awarded until late 1985. These would be the last contracts for the construction of an Interstate Highway in the state of Oregon. This included the construction of a second bridge over the Columbia River at Umatilla for the northbound carriageway. I-82 was officially opened on September 20, 1988.

In 1999, a plan was drawn up to extend I-82 south to the California border. It was to run via Bend and Klamath Falls, via a new corridor to Madras, and further south via US 97. The plans were not seriously worked out because there is virtually no demand for such a connection as a highway.

Opening history

from nasty length date
Washington state line Exit 1 Umatilla (1st rc ) 2 km 15-07-1955
Washington state line Exit 1 Umatilla (2nd rc ) 2 km 00-00-1988
Exit 1 Umatilla Exit 11 I-80 16 km 22-09-1988

Traffic intensities

22,000 vehicles drive daily on the bridge over the Columbia River, Eastern Oregon’s busiest stretch of road. After that, 12,000 vehicles continue to I-84.

Interstate 82 in Oregon