Interstate 695, 781, 787, 490 and 878 in New York

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Interstate 695 in New York

Get started New York
End New York
Length 1.5 mi
Length 2 km
→ Queens

Philip Avenue

Lafayette Avenue

→ Bronx

Interstate 695 or I -695 is a short Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York, located entirely in New York City. The highway is a connecting road between I-295 and I-95 in The Bronx. The highway is called the Throgs Neck Expressway and is 2 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The southern starting point of I-695.

I-695 connects Interstate 295 and Interstate 295 in The Bronx. The highway is deepened through a residential area and allows connections not available via the nearby Bruckner Interchange (I-95, I-278, I-295 & I-678), namely from Queens to Connecticut and vice versa. The highway has 2×3 lanes, of which 2×2 lanes are continuous at the interchanges with I-95 and I-295. The highway has no exit numbering.

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Construction of I-695 was first proposed in 1955 by Robert Moses to relieve the Bruckner Interchange. Traffic from Queens to New England did not have to go through the Bruckner Interchange, and these connections were not even possible on the Bruckner Interchange. The highway opened in 1961 with 2×3 lanes at a cost of $16 million.

The highway has had several numbers over the years. Between June and December 1958, the road was planned as I-495. From December 1958 to 1971, the highway was a spur of I-78. From 1971 to 1986 the road was a spur of I-295, and from 1986 as I-695, but the FHWA long considered the road a spur of I-295, and has only officially recognized the number I-695 since 2008.

Traffic intensities

No traffic volumes are known for I-695, but the difference between traffic volumes on I-95 and I-295 suggests that approximately 45,000 vehicles use I-695 daily.

Lane Configuration

The I-695 has no exit numbers.

From Unpleasant Lanes
I-95 I-295 2×3

Interstate 781 in New York

Get started watertown
End Fort Drum
Length 4 mi
Length 7 km
→ Syracuse / MontrealFort Drum

I -781 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of New York. The highway connects Interstate 81 north of Watertown and Fort Drum, a major military base in Upstate New York. I-781 is 7 kilometers long.

Travel directions

In fact, I-781 is just a long exit from Interstate 81 to Fort Drum, a large military base just north of Watertown. The highway has 2×2 lanes, begins at a trumpet interchange with I-81 and has an overpass over the junction with US 11 before ending at the entrance gate of Fort Drum.


Access to Fort Drum was originally via State Route 342. The Fort Drum Connector (I-781) opened to traffic on December 6, 2012.

Traffic intensities

10,000 vehicles use I-781 daily.

Interstate 787 in New York

Get started Albany
End Green Island
Length 9 mi
Length 15 km
→ New York1 McCarty Avenue

2 Pearl Street

3 Rensselaer Street


4A Clinton Avenue

5 → Syracuse / Boston

6 Broadway

7 Menand Road

8 Watervliet

9 → Troy

Interstate 787 or I -787 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway opens up the center of the capital Albany to the north and south and is 15 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-787 in Albany.

I-787 begins on the south side of Albany, at an interchange with Interstate 87, and then runs 2×3 lanes north, parallel to the Hudson River. I-87 comes from New York and heads toward Montreal. You pass a high-rise district of this relatively small, yet important city, and a railway line runs in the middle of the highway. Just north of downtown Albany, a 4-level stack interchange crosses Interstate 90, the highway from Syracuse toward Springfield and Boston. The highway continues to run directly along the Hudson River and ends just past the suburb of Watervliet on SR-7, which reconnects I-787 with Interstate 87.


Construction began on I-787 in southern Albany in the early 1960s. The first phase to the center opened to traffic in the mid-1960s. In 1971 the part opened by Albany and in 1973 by Watervliet. In 1977 a short northward extension opened to State Route 7. The interchange with State Route 7 in Green Island was originally envisioned as an extension of I-88 from Rotterdam to Troy, but it was never realized.

Traffic intensities

Albany’s importance as the center of New York state makes the highway relatively busy for the size of the city. A maximum of 120,000 vehicles drive per day at the center.

Interstate 790 in New York

Get started utica
End utica
Length 2.5 mi
Length 4 km
→ Syracuse / AlbanyOriskany Street

Interstate 790 or I -790 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway connects the center of the regional town of Utica with Interstate 90 and is 4 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-790 has a striking gradient. The first half parallels Interstate 90, then a clover turbine follows State Route 8 and turns I-790 south. I-790 then terminates at Downtown Utica, while NY-8 continues through town as a grade separated road.


In 1961, a two-lane access road parallel to I-90 opened to traffic, which was renumbered I-790 in 1965. At the end of the 1980s, the road was widened to 2×2 lanes. In 2017, the extension of I-790 through Utica, the North-South Arterial ( NY-8 ), opened.

Traffic intensities

27,000 vehicles use the highway every day.

Interstate 878 in New York

Get started New York
End New York
Length 1 km
  • New York

Interstate 878 is an unsigned Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New York. The highway runs for 1,130 meters between Interstate 678 in New York and the JFK Expressway in New York City. It is the shortest Interstate Highway in the United States. The road number is assigned by the FHWA but is not on the signage, nor is it used by the New York State Department of Transportation. I-878 runs over SR-878 and is actually only eastbound, westbound traffic goes over SR-27. I-878 is part of the highway structure around John F. Kennedy Airport.

Interstate 878 in New York