Interstate 65 in Indiana

By | October 14, 2022


Get started Jeffersonville
End Gary
Length 261 mi
Length 420 km

  • Ohio River
  • 0 Jeffersonville
  • 1 Jeffersonville
  • 1 10th Street
  • 1 Stansifer Avenue
  • 1 Brown’s Station Way
  • 2 Eastern Boulevard
  • 4 Lewis & Clark Parkway
  • 5 Veterans Parkway
  • 6 → Evansville / St. Louis
  • 7 Salem
  • 9 Sellersburg
  • 16 Memphis
  • 19 Charlestown
  • 29 Scottsburg
  • 34 Austin
  • 36 Crothersville
  • 41 Uniontown
  • 50 Seymour
  • 55 Jonesville
  • 64 Walesboro
  • 68 Columbus
  • 76 Taylorsville
  • 80 Edinburgh
  • 90 Franklin
  • 95 Whiteland
  • 97 Worthsville Road
  • 99 Greenwood
  • 101 County Line Road
  • Indianapolis city limits
  • 103 Southport Road
  • 106 → Cincinnati / St. Louis / Columbus
  • 107 Keystone Avenue
  • 109 Raymond Street
  • 110A Morris Street
  • 110B → St. Louis / Peoria
  • 111 East Street
  • 111 Fletcher Avenue
  • 111 Washington Street
  • 112A Ohio Street
  • 112A New York Street
  • 112B → Columbus / Fort Wayne
  • 113 Pennsylvania Street
  • 114 Martin Luther King Junior Street
  • 115 21st Street
  • 116 29th Street
  • 117 Martin Luther King Junior Street
  • 119 38th Street
  • 121 Lafayette Road
  • 123 → St. Louis / Fort Wayne
  • 124 71st Street
  • Indianapolis city limits
  • 129 →
  • 130 Zionsville
  • 133 Whitestown
  • 138 Lebanon
  • 139 Litzton
  • 140 Crawfordsville
  • 141 Lebanon
  • 141 Thorntown
  • 146 Pike
  • 158 Frankfurt
  • 168 Dayton
  • 172 Lafayette
  • 175 Delphi
  • 178 West Lafayette
  • 188 Brookston
  • 193 Wolcott
  • 201 Remington
  • 215 Rensselaer
  • 220 Winamac
  • 230 Roselawn
  • 240 Lowell
  • 247 Crown Point
  • 249 109th Avenue
  • 253 Merrillville
  • 255 Hobart
  • 258 Ridge Road
  • 259 → Davenport / Cleveland / Detroit
  • 261 Gary
  • 262 → Chicago / Cleveland

Interstate 65 or I -65 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Indiana. The highway forms a north-south route across the state from the Kentucky border at Jeffersonville through the state capital Indianapolis to Gary in Northwest Illinois, near Chicago. I-65 is 420 kilometers long in Indiana.

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Travel directions

Southern Indiana

I-65 at Indianapolis.

Interstate 65 in Kentucky crosses the Ohio River via the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge, which is also the state border between Indiana and Kentucky. One comes here in Jeffersonville, part of a number of suburbs on the north bank of the Ohio. This section focuses heavily on Louisville. The highway has 2×3 lanes here. A little further north, at Clarksville, the road widens to 2×4 lanes. On the north side of the conurbation one crosses Interstate 265Louisville Beltway. To the west you can go to Evansville and Saint Louis, to the east the ring road is unfinished and ends after a few kilometers. After this, the road narrows to 2×3 lanes. It doesn’t take long to pass the last suburbs, and here the highway narrows again to 2×2 lanes. The landscape is an alternation of hills and meadows with forests here and there. It is not yet as heavily agricultural as it is further north in the state. Parallel to the I-65 is the US 31 again, which has been doing this since southern Alabama. You pass a number of small regional towns, and at Seymour you cross the US 50, which runs from Vincennes to Cincinnati. The largest town on the way to Indianapolis is Columbus, with 39,000 inhabitants, which one passes after 110 kilometers.

The landscape becomes more agricultural further north, with fewer forests. One quickly passes by the first suburbs of Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana with 786,000 inhabitants, and 2 million in the metropolitan area. The highway soon widens to 2×3 lanes. On the south side of the city, one crosses Interstate 465, the Indianapolis ring road which is 87 kilometers long. This road is double-numbered with Interstate 74, which runs from Peoria to Cincinnati. The neighborhoods of Indianapolis are mostly detached houses, high densities are only immediately around the center. On the south side of downtown, one crosses Interstate 70, which runs towards Terre Haute and Saint Louis. Both highways are then briefly double numbered, and have 5+3+3 lanes. At the north end of downtown, I-70 exits again toward Columbus and Baltimore. After this, I-65 counts 2×3 lanes. From the highway you regularly have good views of the Indianapolis skyline. On the north side of the city one crosses the I-465 again, the ring road. After this, the suburbs stop, and the road narrows again to 2×2 lanes.

  • Provides state overview of Indiana and its alternative name as The Hoosier State

Northern Indiana

The terminus of I-65 in Gary.

On the north side, one crosses Interstate 865, a short connecting road to I-465. North of Indianapolis, the landscape is more agricultural, with much more of a grid pattern in the road network. The view is monotonous, with no real elevation changes, and there are also a lot fewer trees than in southern Indiana. US 31 now no longer parallels I-65, but US 52. US 31 runs to South Bend in the north, while I-65 follows a more northwesterly direction. The largest city along the way is Lafayette, which has a population of 56,000, but 183,000 in the metropolitan area. The highway runs east from here, crossing the Wabash River. The landscape is extremely flat, with no elevation changes or forests discernible from the highway.

A little further on you cross the US 231, which runs between Lafayette and Chicago, also more or less parallel to the I-65. The local road network consists of a perfect grid pattern with intersecting roads exactly one mile apart. At Remington you cross the US 24, which runs between Fort Wayne and Peoria. Crown Point is Chicago’s first far-flung suburb, about 50 miles away. At Merrillville you cross US 30, a main road that runs parallel to Interstate 80. The highway widens here to 2×3 lanes. On the south side of Gary, one crosses I-80, which comes from the prairies in Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, and heads toward Cleveland and New York. Shortly after, I-65 ends at Interstate 90, which comes from Chicago and later merges with theInterstate 80.

Interstate 65 in Indiana