Interstate 480 in Ohio

By | October 14, 2022


Get started North Ridgeville
End Streetsboro
Length 42 mi
Length 67 km
→ Toledo / Elyria2 Lorain Road

3 Stearns Road

6 Columbia Road

7 Clague Road

9 Grayton Road

10 → Cleveland

11 → Columbus

12 130th Street

13 Tiedeman Road

15 Ridge Road

16 State Road

17 → Cleveland

20 → Akron / Cleveland

21 98th Street

22 Granger Road

23 Broadway Avenue

24 Lee Road

25 Warrensville Center Road

26 → Newark / Buffalo

32 → Akron / Columbus

36 Aurora Road

37 Darrow Road

41 Frost Road

42 → Toledo / Youngstown

Interstate 480 or I -480 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Ohio. The highway forms an east-west route connecting the southern suburbs of Cleveland to Interstate 80 toll road. The route is double-numbered with Interstate 271, the only place in the United States where two 3-digit Interstates are double-numbered. The route is 67 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The Valley View Bridge over the Cuyahoga River.

I-480 at Garfield Heights.

Interstate 480 branches off Interstate 80 at North Ridgeville, the highway between Chicago and New York. I-480 has 2×3 lanes here as it heads into the suburban area, past suburbs like North Olmsted and Fairview Park. The highway also runs directly past Cleveland International Airport, where it crosses Interstate 71, which runs from Columbus to downtown Cleveland. The highway then has 2×4 lanes. You pass Parma, the largest suburb of Cleveland with 84,000 inhabitants. One passes through the industrial valley around the Cuyahoga River, where Interstate 77crosses, which runs from Akron to downtown Cleveland. 2×4 lanes are also available to the east of this. After that, most traffic turns off on Interstate 271 heading north, while I-271 and I-480 with 2×3 lanes heading south are double-numbered. At Nortfield, I-480 turns east, while I-271 heads south. The highway then has only 2×2 lanes, and ends again at Interstate 80 at Streetsboro.

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Shortly after the creation of the Interstate Highway system in 1956, the choice of routes for freeways in Cleveland, including Interstate 480, was started. Since the Ohio Turnpike opened in 1955 quite far south of Cleveland, a highway for suburban traffic was planned in the south. of the agglomeration. It was originally planned as the I-80N. The Outerbelt South Freeway was to be constructed largely parallel to State Highway 17.

The first section, then a short branch from the Ohio Turnpike to State Highway 10 at North Ridgeville, opened around 1965. This part was less than 2 kilometers long and was actually more of an exit with a toll station than a real piece of freeway.

The eastern portion of the freeway was originally constructed as Interstate 80 from Bedford Heights to the Ohio Turnpike at Streetsboro. This 23 kilometer long highway was opened in 1966, including what would later become the double numbering with Interstate 271. In 1971, I-80 was routed over the Ohio Turnpike south of the city, and the route was numbered Interstate 480.

Circa 1974, the first stretch west of I-271 opened to traffic, a three-mile stretch between Maple Heights and the interchange with I-271, including both branches to I-271. The northern branch is formally numbered Interstate 480N. In 1977, an extension opened westward to the stack with I-77 in Brooklyn Heights, including the imposing Valley View Bridge.

Presumably in 1980, the western portion of Interstate 480 opened from the Ohio Turnpike to I-71 near Cleveland Airport for a length of 14 kilometers. This left the middle section between I-71 and I-77, through the suburbs of Brooklyn and Parma, missing. The 14-kilometer link between I-71 and I-77 in southern Cleveland did not open to traffic until August 18, 1987.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
North Ridgeville (OH-10) 2 km about 1965
Bedford Heights ( ) Streetsboro ( ) 23 km about 1966
Maple Heights Bedford Heights ( ) 5 km about 1974
Maple Heights 7 km 00-00-1977
North Ridgeville (OH-10) 14 km circa 1980
14 km 18-08-1987

Lane Configuration

The end of I-480.

From Unpleasant Lanes length
Exit 1 I-80 Elyria Exit 7 Clague Road 2×3 12 km
Exit 7 Clague Road Exit 17 SR-176 2×4 16 km
Exit 17 SR-176 Exit 20 I-77 2×5 5 km
Exit 20 I-77 Exit 26 I-271 North 2×4 10 km
Exit 26 I-271 North Exit 32 I-271 South 2×3 10 km
Exit 32 I-271 South Exit 42 I-80 Streetsboro 2×2 16 km

Traffic intensities

The highway is one of the busiest in Cleveland, with a maximum traffic volume of 174,000 vehicles at the Cleveland Airport. In Garfield Heights, the highway is again peaking at 173,000 vehicles per day. Because there are 2×4 lanes here, this traffic can be handled reasonably well.

Interstate 480 in Ohio