Interstate 474 and 64 in Illinois

By | October 18, 2022

Interstate 474 at Illinois

Get started West Peoria
End East Peoria
Length 15 mi
Length 24 km
→ Moline / Peoria


Peoria Airport


Marquette Heights

→ Peoria / Indianapolis

Interstate 474 or I -474 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois. The highway forms a bypass around the city of Peoria, which has 115,000 inhabitants. The highway is an alternative to Interstate 74 through downtown and has 2×2 lanes. The most important piece of art is the bridge over the Illinois River.

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Travel directions

View of Peoria, with I-474 in the foreground.

I-474 begins on the west side of Peoria at an interchange with Interstate 74. In its extension is State Route 6, which forms the city’s northern bypass as a freeway. The highway heads south first, past Peoria Airport, followed by a truss bridge over the Illinois River, before I-474 veers east. Southeast of Peoria, I-474 then terminates at I-74.


After I-74 was opened by Peoria in the mid-1960s, it was considered necessary to build a bypass, although it is of little importance for through traffic. However, the airport of Peoria is located on I-474. The bridge over the Illinois River opened to traffic in 1975, but the rest of the route was built later, in the late 1970s, but at least after 1977. The highway was completed on December 20, 1979.

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Later, plans were made for a complete ring road of Peoria, also called the Eastern Bypass. The northern part of this opened on November 3, 1985 as State Route 6. In 2008, a planning study for the construction of an eastern bypass was launched, resulting in 20 variants that were refined to 4 variants by 2012. It was planned in 2014 to determine a definitive alternative, but the planning was subsequently discontinued.

Traffic intensities

Usually 28,000 to 32,000 vehicles use I-474 every day, except for the easternmost section, which has 17,000 vehicles.

Interstate 64 in Illinois

Begin East St Louis
End Grayville
Length 132 mi
Length 212 km
East St. LouisO’Fallon

Mount Vernon


Interstate 64 or I -64 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois. The highway runs from East Saint Louis to Grayville on the border with Indiana, and is the southernmost east-west highway in Illinois. The highway is 212 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-64 in East St. Louis.

I-64 near Fairfield.

The highway begins at the Poplar Street Bridge, the bridge over the Mississippi River, over which Interstate 55 runs. One then comes through the faded glory of East St. Louis, a city that has lost two-thirds of its inhabitants since the 1960s. The city is rather run down, the road network is very poorly maintained, and there are some unfinished bridges and connections. Also, in many places 50% to 100% of the houses in some city blocks have been demolished, a phenomenon called urban prairie. At the derelict downtown, I-64 turns east, while I-55 continues to Chicago, joining I-70 from St. Louis and heading for Indianapolis. On the east side of East St. Louis one crosses theInterstate 255, the eastern bypass of St Louis.

After O’Fallon one leaves the conurbation, and one enters the prairies of southern Illinois. The area is then monotonous and flat. Occasionally one crosses a larger road, such as US 51, which runs from Carbondale to Decatur. At Mount Vernon, I-64 merges with Interstate 57, the highway from Memphis to Chicago. Both roads are then double-numbered for a few kilometers to the south side of Mount Vernon. Then I-64 continues east through the vast agricultural areas. At Mill Shoals you cross the US 45, the road from Harrisburg to Effingham. At Grayville one crosses the Wabash River, also the border with Indiana. Then Interstate 64 goes into Indianaon to Evansville and Louisville.


The Poplar Street Bridge over the Mississippi River was opened in 1967. On October 4, 1974, a 39-mile section from Nashville to I-57 at Mt. Vernon. In December 1973, a 23-mile (23-mile) section from New Baden to Nashville opened. On December 23, 1975, the last 39-kilometer stretch between East St. Louis and New Baden opened to traffic. On August 7, 1975, the eastern section between Mt. Vernon and Mill Shoals about 30 miles to traffic.


In 2007, I-64 between Caseyville and O’Fallon was widened to 2×3 lanes. This is in the eastern suburbs of St. Louis.

In 2012-2013, I-57/I-64 double-numbering at Mount Vernon was widened from 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. This project was completed in December 2013.

Lane Configuration

Van Unpleasant Lanes Comments
Exit 0 Exit 2 2×4 St Louis
Exit 2 Exit 7 2×3 St Louis
Exit 7 Exit 130 2×2


Congestion is relatively rare on I-64, the busiest part being around East St. Louis and O’Fallon, two suburbs of St. Louis. Outside of that, I-64 is quiet, especially east of Mount Vernon, traffic is low with less than 10,000 vehicles per day.

Connections & traffic intensities

# destination AADT
1 Cahokia 111.600
East St. Louis, Tudor Avenue 57.400
East St. Louis, Barack Obama Avenue 57.400
2 Chicago, Illinois 65.700
3 East St. Louis, St. Clair Avenue 65.700
4 East St. Louis, 15th Street 65.700
5 East St. Louis, 25th Street 65.700
6 Washington Park 65.400
7 Memphis, Chicago 90.700
9 Caseyville, Centreville 77.500
12 Belleville, Collinsville 70.100
14 O’Fallon 49.300
16 O’Fallon 49.300
19 Carlyle 33.300
23 Mascoutah, Lebanon 26.100
27 New Baden 26.100
34 Albers 22.800
41 Okawville 18.800
50 Carlyle, Nashville 18.100
61 Centralia, Ashley 21.900
69 Woodlawn 21.800
73 Chicago 34.000
95 Mount Vernon, Ashley 34.000
94 Mount Vernon, Veterans Memorial Drive 34.000
92 Memphis 9.800
80 Mount Vernon 9.800
89 Beautiful Shore 9.000
100 Wayne City 9.000
110 Mill Shoals 9.200
117 Burnt Prairie 9.400
130 Grayville 10.000

Interstate 64 in Illinois