Interstate 280 and 294 in Illinois

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Interstate 280 in Iowa

Get started Davenport
End Moline
Length 27 mi
Length 43 km
→ Des Moines / ChicagoDavenport-Kimberly Road

Davenport-Locust Street

Davenport-West River Drive

Davenport-Rockingham Road

Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr. Bridge

Rock Island Parkway


→ Moline / Chicago / Peoria

Interstate 280 or I -280 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. states of Iowa and Illinois. The highway forms the western and southern bypass of the Quad Cities conurbation, a cluster of 4 cities on the Mississippi River. The route is 43 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The terminus of I-280 in Illinois.

The highway begins northwest of Davenport, a city of 100,000 residents, at Interstate 80. This is the highway from Des Moines to Chicago. I-80 forms the northern and eastern bypass of this small conurbation. I-280 then runs due south in 2×2 lanes, passing through Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr. Bridge over the Mississippi River. You then pass Rock Island, a city with 40,000 inhabitants. The highway turns east here, and then ends at Interstate 74, the highway from Bettendorf to Peoria. You can also go straight here towards the I-80 to Chicago.

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Interstate 280 had been planned since the 1950s, and the Illinois section was the first to be constructed, opening to traffic in 1966 and 1967 along Rock Island as far as I-74 in Moline. In 1967 also opened a leg from I-80 to US 6, no more than 2 kilometers long. After that, construction was halted for some time, and in 1973 the rest was opened, completing I-280.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Date
Exit 15 Exit 18 5 km 1966
Exit 11 Exit 15 6 km 1967
exit 0 Exit 1 2 km 1967
Exit 1 Exit 11 16 km 25-10-1973

Traffic intensities

Location 2014
exit 0 20,900
Exit 1 Davenport 21,200
Exit 6 Davenport 20,200
Exit 8 Davenport 23,700


Interstate 294 at Illinois

Get started Northbrook
End Harvey
Length 53 mi
Length 86 km
  • → Cleveland / Chicago HeightsEast Hazel Crest
  • → Joliet / Moline
  • Markham
  • → Memphis
  • Alsip
  • Hickory Hills
  • Justice
  • → Chicago / St Louis
  • Indian Head Park
  • Western Springs
  • → Chicago / Moline
  • Hillside
  • → Chicago / Addison
  • Franklin Park
  • → O’Hare Airport
  • → Chicago / Rockford
  • Park Ridge
  • Des Plaines
  • Niles
  • Northbrook
  • → Chicago / Milwaukee

Interstate 294 or I -294 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois. The interstate is a toll road and forms the first bypass of the city of Chicago and its suburbs. Interstate 294 is 86 kilometers long. The highway is called the Tri-State Tollway.

Travel directions

I-294 at O’Hare Airport.

The interstate begins in Northbrook, where I-294 branches off Interstate 94. I-294 has 2×3 lanes and heads south, past a number of suburbs, including Glenview and Des Plaines. West of the interstate is a green zone that separates the Lake Michigan suburbs from the suburbs further inland. In Rosemont, near O’Hare Airport, one crosses Interstate 90, which runs from Rockford to Chicago and immediately afterwards Interstate 190, the highway connecting Chicago to the airport. After that, 2×5 lanes will be available and a toll station will follow. You then pass through the somewhat older suburbs, which also have industry. Via a bridge you cross a large shunting yard with 2×4 lanes.

In Elmhurst, Interstate 290 runs parallel to I-294, which it crosses later. From here there is again a direct connection to the center. I-290 serves the western and northwestern suburbs. Immediately after, one crosses Interstate 88, which terminates here and continues west to Davenport and Moline on the border with Iowa. After that there are also 2×4 lanes and you pass through a number of smaller suburbs. In Indian Head Park, one crosses Interstate 55, which runs from St. Louis to Chicago. It then crosses the industrial corridor of the Chicago Canal and enters the southern suburban area.

The highway has 2×3 lanes here and you pass through several small suburbs that together form an integrated urban area. In Posen you cross the Interstate 57, which leads to Memphis, but there are no interchanges. Shortly after, the final toll booth follows and the highway ends at Interstate 80, the area’s main east-west highway.


Interstate 294 was built before large-scale growth began on Chicago’s west side, and I-294 was a Chicago bypass at the time, with the city on the east side and the countryside on the west side. Today, the urban area extends for several tens of kilometers further and a second bypass has been built in the form of I-355. There is currently no interchange with I-57, but there are plans to do so, which are still at an early stage. There is pressure from the southern suburbs to build a hub here, which will cost about $250 million.

The toll road opened to traffic on its entire length on December 23, 1958.


There was no interchange with I-294 in the Chicago area. This node must be constructed in two phases. The first phase was completed between 2012 and 2014, costing $240 million and being funded by tolls on I-294. The first phase opened to traffic on October 25, 2014. The second phase is to be completed between 2023 and mid-2024 and will cost $180 million. This should make the node complete.

In mid-2018, work began to widen 35 kilometers of I-294 between 95th Street (US 12/20) and I-190 at O’Hare Airport. The highway will largely be widened from 2×4 to 2×5 to 2×6 lanes. The widening will cost $4 billion and will last until mid-2025 .

Toll charges

I-294 is a toll road as part of the Tri-State Tollway and under the management of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Toll costs almost doubled in 2012 compared to 2011. The toll collection has been fully electronic with I-Pass since 2020.

Traffic intensities

I-294 at O’Hare Airport.

Exit Location 2007 2015
92,000 156,000
East Hazel Crest 97,000 151,000
83,000 105,000
Alsip 114,000 117,000
Justice 142,000 167,000
161,000 167,000
La Grange Park 163,000 170,000
137,000 129,000
Northlake 163,000 177,000
Franklin Park 187,000 200,000
171,000 177,000
Des Plaines 150,000 159,000
Niles 110,000 117,000
Northbrook 118,000 118,000

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
East Hazel Crest 2×4
East Hazel Crest 2×5
Hickory Hills 2×3
Hickory Hills 2×4

Interstate 294 at Illinois