Interstate 20 and 210 in Louisiana

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Louisiana Interstate 20

Get started greenwood
End Mound
Length 189 mi
Length 304 km
Texas3 Mooring Sports

5 Greenwood

Shreveport: 8 – 19

8 Industrial Loop

10 Pines Road


13 Shreveport Regional Airport

14 Jewella Avenue

16 Hearne Avenue

17A Lakeshore Drive


18 Common Street

19A Market Street

Bossier City: 19 – 26

19B Traffic Street

20A Hamilton Road

20B Benton Road

20C Barksdale Blvd

21 Old Minden Road

22 Barksdale Air Force Base

23 Industrial Drive


33 Haughton

38 Goodwill Road

44 Dixie Inn

47 Minden

49 Minden

52 Dubberly

55 Ada

61 Athens

67 Homer

69 Arcadia

77 Simsboro

78 Industry

81 Gram Bling

84 Ruston

85 Ruston

86 Farmerville

93 Choudrant

101 Calhoun

103 Calhoun

107 Camp Road

108 Cheniere

112 Well Road

Monroe: 113 – 120

113 Downing Pines Road

114 Thomas Road

115 Stella Street

116 Jackson Street

117 Hall Street

118 Colombia

120 Garrett Road

124 Millhaven

132 Columbia

138 Rayville

143 Bee Bayou Road

145 Holly Ridge

148 Dunn

153 Winnsboro

157 Waverly

171 Vidalia

173 Tallulah

182 Mound

186 Delta

Vicksburg Bridge


Interstate 20 or I -20 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Louisiana. The highway passes through the north of the state, forming an east-west route from Greenwood on the Texas border through the larger city of Shreveport to Mound on the Mississippi border. Interstate 20 is 304 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-20 at Shreveport.

The Vicksburg Bridge over the Mississippi River.

Interstate 20 in Texas comes from Dallas and crosses the Louisiana border at Greenwood. The highway initially has 2×2 lanes, but soon reaches the city of Shreveport, where I-20 has 2×3 lanes. Around Shreveport, traffic has two options, I-20 through downtown or the bypass Interstate 220. The passage through Shreveport has 2×3 lanes and has various complex connections around the center. There is also an interchange with I-49. I-20 then crosses the Red River and the highway continues through Bossier City. East of Barksdale Air Force Base, I-220 again terminates at I-20.

East of Shreveport follows a long 2×2 lane rural stretch. This area has a lot of forest. US 80 runs parallel to I-20 everywhere for a short distance. On the route are a few small towns, of which Monroe is the most important, one also crosses the US 165 there. In Monroe one crosses the Ouachita River, after which one comes to the east in a more open area with meadows. In rural Louisiana, I-20 has 2×2 lanes throughout. The last notable place on the Louisiana route is Tallulah, where US 65 crosses. Via the Vicksburg Bridge one crosses the Mississippi River, after which Interstate 20 in Mississippi continues to Jackson.

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Before the construction of I-20, US 80 was the primary east-west route through northern Louisiana. This was one of the most important transcontinental routes in the United States at the time. US 80 between Shreveport and Minden has already been widened to 2×2 lanes for the construction of I-20. This part of the route also coincides with US 79.

Construction history

Construction of I-20 began in the late 1950s, and around 1960 the first two routes were opened, a bypass from Minden and a route from Ruston to Calhoun. In 1965, the Monroe bypass opened including the bridge over the Ouachita River. In 1965, the stretch through Shreveport also opened with the bridge over the Red River. During the 1960s and early 1970s, large portions of I-20 were opened. On February 14, 1973, the Vicksburg Bridge over the Mississippi River on the Mississippi border opened to traffic. By 1975, the highway was almost completely accessible from the Texas border to Tallulah. The last section to open was between Tallulah and the Mississippi River Bridge, circa 1976.

Traffic intensities

32,000 vehicles cross the Texas border every day. Shreveport is a bit busier, with up to 92,000 vehicles per day. Further east of Shreveport, the intensity remains steady at 30,000 vehicles. 27,000 vehicles cross the Mississippi border every day.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes Comments
exit 0 Exit 11 2×2
Exit 11 Exit 20 2×3 Shreveport
Exit 20 Exit 189 2×2

Louisiana Interstate 210

Get started Sulfur
End Lake Charles
Length 12 mi
Length 20 km
1 → Houston / Baton Rouge3 Prien Lake Road

4 Nelson Road

5 Lake Street

6A Ryan Street

6B Enterprise Boulevard

8 Gerstner Memorial Drive

10A Legion Street

10B Broad Street

11 Fruge Street

12 → Houston / Baton Rouge

Interstate 210 or I -210 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Louisiana. The highway forms the southern bypass of the Southwestern city of Lake Charles. The interstate connects to Interstate 10 at both ends. Interstate 210 is 20 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The Israel LaFleur Bridge over the Calcasieu River.

At Sulfur, a suburb of Lake Charles, I-210 branches off Interstate 10, which comes from Houston. You then pass through an industrial area and cross the Calcasieu River via the fairly high Israel LaFleur Bridge . The Gulf of Mexico is another 50 kilometers to the south. One then passes in 2×2 lanes through the south of Lake Charles, Louisiana’s fifth largest city with 72,000 inhabitants. On the east side, you pass an air force base and the I-210 rejoins the I-10, which continues towards the capital Baton Rouge, and New Orleans.


Originally through traffic in Lake Charles was on US 90, which was transformed into Interstate 10 in the 1950s. As early as 1962, the first phase of I-210, the Israel LaFleur Bridge, opened over the Calcasieu River. The Lake Charles bypass was completed in 1977. Mainly serving the Lake Charles suburbs, I-210 is more of an alternate route than a bypass for through traffic on I-10.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 55,000 vehicles cross the Israel LaFleur Bridge, a comparable number through the south of the city and 45,000 to 35,000 vehicles east of Lake Charles.

Louisiana Interstate 210