Interstate 130 and 530 in Arkansas

By | October 14, 2022

Interstate 130 in Arkansas

Begin Texarkana
Einde Texarkana
Lengte 26 km
  • Texarkana

Interstate 130 is a future Interstate Highway in the US states of Texas and Arkansas, around the city of Texarkana, which lies on the border of both states. The current Texarkana Beltway consists of State Route 245 in Arkansas and US 59 in Texas. The portion of SR-245 between US 71 in Arkansas and Interstate 30 in Arkansas is only part of planned I-130 for now. The AASHTO has determined that I-130 in Texas does not yet have a good terminus, which means that after a connection upgrade, I-130 will only run in Arkansas. The number I-130 has an odd first number, allowing it to be a spur only, and not a bypass or bypass that requires an even first number. It is therefore questionable whether the entire Texarkana ring road will be signposted as I-130 in the future. The possible part of I-130 in Arkansas is 9 kilometers long. Another issue is the potential completion of Interstate 49 between Shreveport, Louisiana and Kansas City, Missouri. The I-49 will then most likely run over the planned I-130, leaving the question of which of the two numbers will remain.

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Interstate 530 in Arkansas

Begin Little Rock
End Pine Bluff
Length 47 mi
Length 75 km
1 → Texarkana / Memphis3 Sweet Home

7 Wrightsville

9 Bingham Road

10 → Sheridan

12 Woodson

15 Hensley

20 Redfield

24 Jefferson

27 Pine Bluff Arsenal

30 SR-104

32 Pine Bluff Arsenal


35-47: Pine Bluff

35 Pine Bluff

36 Princeton Pike

37 13th Avenue


41 Old Warren Road

42 Hazel Street

43 Olive Street

44 → Monticello

47 Pine Bluff

Interstate 530 or I -530 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Arkansas. The freeway connects the capital Little Rock with the town of Pine Bluff south of it. The route is 75 kilometers long.

  • Provides state overview of Arkansas and its alternative name as The Natural State

Travel directions

The northern terminus of I-530.

The highway begins on the south side of Little Rock at a major interchange with Interstate 30 and Interstate 440. The I-30 comes from Dallasand Texarkana and runs to Little Rock, and I-440 forms the east bypass of Little Rock. The highway then has 2×2 lanes, and US 65 and US 167 are double-numbered with the highway. US 167 exits after 10 miles to head toward El Dorado, while US 65 continues to merge with I-530 for the remainder of the route. One passes through wooded area, parallel to the Arkansas River. After about 55 kilometers you reach the town of Pine Bluff, which has a population of 53,000 and is one of the larger towns in the state. I-530 then forms a complete bypass to the east side of town, and ends there. US 65 then continues toward Dumas and the state of Louisiana. US 425 runs from here to Monticello, a small town in the south of the state.


The predecessor of I-530 was US 65, the highway was also signposted as such at the time. The first section opened as early as 1965 between I-30 and the split with US 167, but it wasn’t until 1977 that an extension opened up to Hensley, as well as the western portion of the Pine Bluff bypass. In 1979, the missing part opened between Hensley and Pine Bluff. After that, the southern bypass of Pine Bluff had to be built, which was not completed until the 1990s, after which the highway was renumbered to I-530 on August 2, 1999.

Opening history

van nasty length datum
Exit 1 I-30 (Little Rock) Exit 10 US 167 16 km 1965
Exit 10 US 167 Exit 15 Hensley 8 km 1977
Exit 30 Pine Bluff (SR-104) Exit 39 Pine Bluff (US 79) 14 km 1977
Exit 15 Hensley Exit 30 Pine Bluff (SR-104) 24 km 1979
Exit 39 Pine Bluff (US 79) Exit 46 Pine Bluff (east) 11 km 1999


In the future, I-530 will be extended to Interstate 69 in Arkansas near Monticello. Initially, a short stretch of super two opened in 2006 as State Route 530 west of Monticello. The highway is currently under construction in phases between Pine Bluff and Monticello. On September 12, 2013, a 29-mile super-two opened from I-530 at Pine Bluff to Star City, and on August 28, 2015, a 9-mile extension opened near US 425 south of Star City.

Traffic intensities

The highway is not very busy, immediately south of Little Rock the traffic intensity is 45,000 vehicles per day. This quickly drops to 16,000 vehicles. The road around Pine Bluff is slightly busier again with a maximum of 30,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 530 in Arkansas