How to Write an ACT Essay

By | February 25, 2019

ACT is a college entrance exam, which may contain an essay. Although the writing portion of the ACT is optional, many colleges require students to take the ACT essay exam. Colleges use essay scores for many purposes, including passes decisions and of course location. An excellent ACT essay can increase chances of admission or allowing a student to skip a freshman composition class. If a student has done a poor essay, he can reduce his chances for admission, or he may have to take a remedial English course by hospitalization.

1. Repeat the question and both views in your own words as part of your introduction. In the exam, you will receive a question, which you will need to inform your opinion. The question will offer two or three possible views as a part of the question. Repeat the essay prompt indicates that you understand what the question asks. As you will be required to take a stand on, understanding of the subject and the given point of elections is crucial for writing a good ACT essay.

2. Take a clear position on the subject. You can either select one of the views that are discussed in the essay prompt or an alternative opinion on maternity evening dress. There is no correct answer. ACT readers don’t score your essay based on whether they agree with your opinion. They want only to know that you are able to articulate and support a position on the subject.

3. Give specific examples to support your position. Your essay score lower, if you only speak in general terms. No matter what your point of view examples reinforce and clarify your position. The evidence you provide should be relevant to the topic. If possible, discuss personal experience that helped you form your opinion.

4. Treat any concerns from other points of view. Not only do you need to support your own opinion, but you also need to solve the problems, others with different views. For example, assume that your opinion is that high schools should add a fifth year. A concern from those with the opposite view is that the student will skip their fifth year in high school out of boredom. You can solve this problem by proposing high schools offer courses for college credit in the fifth year.

5. Stay on the topic. Throughout your essay, you have to make sure each statement is directly related to the essay topic. Each example should be appropriate. Do not discuss ideas that are not relevant to the questions asked.

6. Finish with a brief summary of the ideas you presented. The conclusion should simply wrap up essay. Must not introduce new facts, opinions or examples in your conclusion.