How to Write a Motivation Letter

By | April 21, 2018

While most applicants ignore this step, sending a motivation letter along with all job applications can make all the difference. Learn how to write a motivation letter and take advantage of the benefit this document can provide you.

Today, the overwhelming majority of applications for employment are delivered via the Internet, but even applications submitted digitally must be accompanied by a letter of motivation.

How to Write a Motivation Letter



1. Why should you write a letter of motivation

A motivation letter should accompany your resume and serve to demonstrate why you are applying for a particular job. So when writing a letter of motivation you are differentiating yourself from the other candidates in a positive way.

This document allows the person who is analyzing the applications to understand better the reasons that are leading him to apply for that job.

The motivation letter should include the following set of information:

  • Who is it
  • Where they come from
  • Why are you applying?
  • What you have to add to the company you are applying for

2. Tips for a good motivation letter

In order for your motivation letter to be effective, you should not only bother to present yourself, but above all you should stress the reasons why you are applying for that job opportunity.

Always place your contacts on the letter, since this way is transmitting availability and make your application more credible. Elements like a phone contact and an email address are essential.

Do not repeat everything that is already on your resume. Repetition of information may make your reading of your chart more tedious and this may turn against you.

Finally, try to be original and always adapt your letter to each application.

3. Example of a letter of motivation

For you to know how to write a good motivational letter, here’s an example. However, we strongly advise you to limit yourself to adapting and copying this example. We emphasize that the main objective of a letter of motivation is the differentiation and that is why you must adapt the letter to your professional path.

Use this draft to get inspired:


Function busy – Company:




Subject: Cover Letter

Sr. Director of Human Resources

After having been aware of your job offer, I hereby submit my application for the vacancy.

I am a young graduate in Civil Engineering from the University of Porto (average of 15 values) and I have two stages in my professional career that allowed me to acquire practical knowledge.

I believe I have solid knowledge in my area, an excellent work ethic and a great desire to continue developing my knowledge at the service of your company.

I have to offer a constant ability to overcome and a great self motivation. I face the challenges that are proposed to me with a huge desire to overcome them and I value teamwork and collective success.

Thank you for your attention. I am available to provide further clarification on my abilities, qualifications and motivation. You can contact me by phone number 9xxxxxxxx or by email letter @ xxxxx.

Best regards,