How to Take Advantage of a Calculator at ACT

By | February 25, 2019

ACT is a college entrance exam, which was originally founded in 1959 the test consists of up to five components, including reading, mathematics and science, English, a written test and mathematics. . The mathematics portion of the test consists of 60 questions with an allotted 60 minutes to complete the section. The use of calculators are allowed during the math portion of the ACT, although there are specific guidelines that must be followed.

1. Find a calculator that is in accordance with the ACT, rules on the use of electronic devices during the test. For example, certain brands and models of graphing calculators, small laptops with calculators and calculators built into mobile phones is prohibited.

2. Test your calculator before the test to make sure it works. Replace the batteries and perform a few calculations.

3. Use a calculator, as you are familiar with during the test. Avoid buying a new, complicated calculator before the test. This will keep you from having to learn the features of the device during the exam, which will take up valuable time.

4. Scan issues in order to determine its problems before using the calculator. All the questions on the ACT are designed to be solved without calculators. If the matter is easily solved by hand, skip the calculator in order to save a little time.

5. Please note when you enter the number in the calculator. Take your time to ensure that you are using the right numbers to avoid having to answer the same question twice.