How to Submit ACT Scores to a College

By | February 25, 2019

ACT test is a standardized test used by institutions of higher education to determine admission and placement. As a student preparing for a college education, which takes on the ACT test completes an important step toward determining which school will ultimately be to the benefit of the students. As a student set himself to ACT test, the students can select up to four colleges, which have test scores sent. After taking the ACT test, can a student submit ACT scores additional colleges by ordering their delivery through the ACT organization.

1. Visit the ACT student site to start the registration process for the ACT test. You can register online or by mail, depending on your individual situation. If you will be registering by mail, download a registration packet to complete.

2. Take advantage of ACT college codes to designate the colleges to which you want your scores sent. Search for colleges by location or by the college name.

3. Enter college-codes in the appropriate boxes in the registration paperwork to get your score automatically sent to colleges once you’ve completed the ACT test.

Send scores after Testing
4. Visit ACT school website to send your ACT scores to colleges, when you take the test.

5. Make an online enquiry via your ACT web account. If you have registered for ACT test online, you already have an account. Even if you don’t sign up online, you can create an account to post your ACT scores to other colleges if you want.

6. Place a request to have your scores sent to other schools by downloading an application form by sending a letter to the ACT Office to ask you to send your score or by calling ACT Office and making the request.

7. Find ACT College codes to exploit in your request, and enter them in the appropriate fields in the form, or write them clearly in the letter. Decorating your social security number, your ACT identification number, and the date you took the ACT test. Home displays the processing fee for this query. If your request is via the Internet or telephone, you must use a credit card to pay the fee.