How to Prepare for the English Section of the ACT?

By | February 25, 2019

The ACT is divided into four sections. The English section contains 75 questions that test basic English skills. You can fill in the English section of the ACT is easy, if you remember the following set of simple steps for each question on the test.

1. Read a series of four passages, which contains around 750 words each. The subject matter and style will vary, and it will cover a wide range of areas, according to a fashion store.

2. Practice to quickly recognize the grammatical, spelling and other errors within each reading passage. Each test will contain a number of passage on the underlined words or phrases, each of which might contain an error.

3. Choose the best answer to the underlined portion with one of the five options listed to the right of the passageway.

4. Keep in mind that not all highlighted area will be wrong. Each question allows you to choose “NO CHANGE ” as the solution to the test.

5. Pick and plug. Try plugging in the answer choices instead of the highlighted selection to see which one works best for the passage.

6. Analyses the passage as a whole. At the end of each passage, there will be a separate issue, which will test your overview of the passage as a whole.