How to Improve an ACT Test Score?

By | February 25, 2019

Most high school and college students are familiar with the ACT test. It consists of four multiple choice test areas: English, mathematics, reading and science. The test is often used to determine a students ‘ general educational development and how well he would succeed in college. It can be the cause of a student coming into the College of your choice or not. Improvement on a previous score will take commitment, determination and preparation, but here’s the good news. ACT Board of Directors reports to the compound dozens of 55 percent of the students who retook the exam improved, so it can be done.

Preparation for the test
1. Test yourself with a prep-test. It shows what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what topics you need to learn. There are several test materials available for free on the ACT website, or you can visit your local library.

2. Please be aware of the areas where you are weakest, and things you need to learn. You can even put them on flash cards.

3. Study the weak areas in several weeks. Even give them a quick review the night before the test.

Before the test
4. The day before the check and gather your supplies such as your entrance ticket, identification, pencils and calculator.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. It is important to be well rested, so you can focus on the test.

6. Eat a good breakfast and Dress comfortably for the same reason.

7. Carry snacks. You will need them to keep refreshed and alert during breaks.

Take the test
8. Don’t dwell on a question or section too long. Part of the ACT is time management so try to go through the test as soon as possible. Response to the easiest questions first, then skip the questions too hard, so when you have time, go back and answer them. The goal is to keep going.

9. answer all the questions, even if it means to guess. There is no penalty for guessing, so take a chance.

10. When in doubt, remove answers that you know are incorrect and therefore increase your chances of getting the correct answer.