How to Do Well on the ACT Test

By | February 25, 2019

Preparation for the ACT takes time and patience. High school juniors and seniors take the ACT as a way to prove to the colleges, how big their knowledge base is. Some States, such as Illinois, includes the ACT as part of a Statewide battery of exams, while in others proctored tests on Saturdays at off-site locations. To do well on the ACT, take care of yourself and take the time to study enough topics for each section: reading, science, math and English.

1. Review the topics that give you the hardest time. If you have trouble remembering photosynthesis, or if you have always struggled with algebra, spend extra time studying these subjects. Start studying for at least three months before your scheduled test, so you have enough time to review all the information.

2. Take practice tests. You can find practice tests online, sometimes for a price, it will help you measure what you need to review. Use ACT-specific flash map to quickly browse through information. Set aside any card, you don’t immediately know the answer to. This will help you zero in on the information that you need to spend more time on studying.

3. Take care of yourself. The test is approximately four hours long–five, if you choose to take the extra fifth portion, writes. So about two weeks before your exam, get yourself on a rigid schedule sleep and proper food. The better rested and fed you are, will help to ensure you’re on top of your game on the day of the test.