History of Idaho

By | September 23, 2022

Idaho, in the northeastern state of America. Idaho state nicknames are Gem Sate and Potato State. According to ablogtophone, Idaho has a total area of ​​216,632 km², of which only 1 percent is water, and approximately 1.5 million inhabitants. Idaho’s capital is Boise.

Before the arrival of Europeans, the state of Idaho was populated by Native American tribes such as the Nez Perce and Shoshone Indians. Even today there are some large reserves in the state where Native Americans live.

The first westerners to reach and explore the area were Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. In 1805, at the behest of then- US President Thomas Jefferson, they made a journey through the continent. After this trip, other Americans soon followed suit and populated the area.

Idaho officially became an American Territory on March 4, 1863. The area was not yet densely populated. At that time about 17,000 people lived there. However, many people traveled through the area. Especially during the California Gold Rush of 1849.

Idaho Flag

According to bestitude, on July 3, 1890, Idaho officially joined the United States as the 43rd.

Sun Valley

Sun Valley Ski Resort is located in the interior of the State of Idaho between the cities of Boise and Idaho Falls. It was built as early as 1936 by railroad tycoon Averell Harriman and thus represents the first purpose-built ski resort in America. Access to it, however, tends to be somewhat complicated, mainly due to the amount of snow. It’s about a 5-hour drive from the Salt Lake City airport, but the road is winding and difficult to navigate. The second option is to arrive from the smaller airport in Twin Falls, about 90 minutes away. However, once you arrive in Sun Valley, you will definitely not regret the effort, because it is really worth it!

The center and main ski base of the resort is the town of Ketchum, which was built in an interesting cowboy style. It is located on the adjacent slopes and has around 3,000 permanent residents. However, to visit this resort, you need to have a sufficient financial reserve, because the prices for accommodation, meals and other services here are quite high. Alpine chalets are very luxurious and include outdoor whirlpools, restaurants with heated outdoor terraces. Their interiors are lined with expensive wood, and the intimate atmosphere is created by live pianists and staff in white gloves. You can enjoy extremely overpriced goods in fashionable boutiques. It is therefore not surprising that you will come across a number of celebrities who enjoy the comfort of their luxury residences here. You can meet, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Clint Eastwood as well as a number of skiing stars. Economic icon Bill Gates also enjoys his well-deserved rest here every year.

Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain are skied in the complex, which together provide skiing on 78 downhill tracks of mostly medium terrain. Most of the slopes are very wide, have a regular slope and an elevation of around 1000 meters. The downside is that these two ski areas are not connected to each other. Bald Mountain is larger, while Dollar Mountain offers runs more suitable for beginners and intermediates. The slopes are located at an altitude of 1750 to 2780 meters. Because Sun Valley is in the rain shadow, it receives around 4 to 5 meters of snow per year, which is a fraction compared to other resorts. However, a possible lack of snow is not a problem for the resort. One of the largest modern artificial snowmaking systems in the world was built here. This makes it possible to make snow on 70% of all slopes. For fans of cross-country skiing, there are 40 km of groomed and marked trails in the vicinity of Sun Valley. These can connect to another 200 km of tracks leading further north. You can get to the lifts and cross-country trails by free and regularly scheduled ski buses that depart from the town of Ketchum. A one-day ski pass costs $15 for cross-country skiers, and $65 for downhill skiers. Beginners who move only on the slopes of the smaller Dollar Mountain hill pay significantly less for a ski pass. Skiers are transported on the slopes by a number of modern lifts, chairlifts and cabin lifts. You don’t usually see queues here even on holidays and weekends. Since Sun Valley is such a luxury resort, it is financially unaffordable for most Czech visitors. However, its visit is an interesting cultural experience.