High School CEEB Codes in Tonga

By | May 2, 2019

There are 1 high school codes in Tonga today, according to the ACT. The full list is shown below by city, with name of each high school and the city where the school is located (based on the ACT official site). You can search a school code by pressing “Ctrl” + “F” and then type school name or 6-digit school code.

Map of Tonga

High School Codes in Tonga

High School Codes by City


  • High School Code
  • 707505

The above lists CEEB codes (College Entrance Examination Board) for all accredited Tonga high schools. Please be informed that the list of high school codes in Tonga may change throughout the year. If you can’t find codes for the high schools of your interest, please write to us or come back at a later time. We will update our database soon after a new high school code is added to the country of Tonga.

Country Abbreviations

TON is the three-letter country code of Tonga, and TO is the two-letter country code of Tonga. The two-letter suffix is used in top-level domains on the Internet as .to.


As in other African countries, also in Togo there are two literatures, one in local languages, the other in French. Among the autochthonous literatures, the most important, original and well-known is that in the Ewe language, which counts, alongside an oral, anonymous, very ancient, but still alive production, a good modern production. The narrative is represented by A. Kodzo, but the best expression of ewe literature is popular theater, represented by the lalo, oral and collective creation, with song and dance, and by the cantata which, from the original biblical drama, with traditional music and songs, has evolved towards musical comedy, with profane themes and satire of customs. In this genus the following are distinguished: MA Ama and L. Fiagan. As for literature in French, it presents medium-level poets who are not entirely free from European models and themes of negritude., such as T.-V. Mensah. The narrative production is wider, with D. Ananou, O. Abadji, V. Abadji (b. 1941), F. Sydol, MKE Amegashie, with the Togolese by adoption F. Couchoro (born in Benin 1900-1968). In the theater we distinguish: M. d’Almeida (b.1949) and G. Laclé, C. Abolo, JA Mensah, M. Boko, E. Vovor, H. Ajavon and N. Zinsou, authors generally of costume comedies on social issues. In the field of non-fiction, the work of T.-V. Mensah A la recherche de la personnalité africaine (1960). In the seventies and eighties of the last century the personality of YE Dogbé (b.1939) dominated, besides the novelists AT Ekue, J. Nago, AJ Adotévi, KM Agokla, J. Atsou, K. Gomez, F. Mama and S. Messau. In the theatrical field we remember NSA Zinsou (b. 1946), AS Amenyedzi and K. Gomez. In non-fiction, we mention E. Kodjo, J. Amegbo and DJ Madjri. At the beginning of the century. XXI authors of Togolese origin, emigrated to European countries, write in the language of the host country. This is the case of Kossi Efoui (b. 1962), who fled to France for political reasons, who became famous for his novel La fabrique de cérémonies (The factory of ceremonies; 2001); in Italy, on the other hand, Kossi Komla-Ebri (b.1954), who graduated in medicine in Bologna in 1974, is the author of several essays and novels written in Italian (The bride of the gods, 2005; Life and dreams – Stories in concert, 2007).