High School CEEB Codes in Montserrat

By | March 20, 2019

There are 1 high school codes in Montserrat today, according to the ACT. The full list is shown below by city, with name of each high school and the city where the school is located (based on the ACT official site). You can search a school code by pressing “Ctrl” + “F” and then type school name or 6-digit school code.

Map of Montserrat

High School Codes in Montserrat

High School Codes by City

  • High School Code
  • 890205

The above lists CEEB codes (College Entrance Examination Board) for all accredited Montserrat high schools. Please be informed that the list of high school codes in Montserrat may change throughout the year. If you can’t find codes for the high schools of your interest, please write to us or come back at a later time. We will update our database soon after a new high school code is added to the country of Montserrat.


Montserrat is a British overseas territory Lesser Antilles archipelago.

The capital is Plymouth. The official language is English. Currency – East Caribbean dollar. Religion – Protestantism, Catholicism.

The average annual temperature is +26*С.

The economy of Montserrat was based on tourism. In addition, rum, textiles, and assembly of electronic devices were produced.

In agriculture, sugar cane, cotton, citrus fruits, bananas, mangoes, avocados, coconuts, vegetables were grown, and livestock was bred in small quantities.

Resorts and attractions of the island of Montserrat

These volcanic islands in the Caribbean have everything you need for a holiday – hotels, casinos and massive cruise ships.

After volcanic activity from 1995 to the present, the southern half of the island is closed to the public.

Interesting facts

The island was discovered by Columbus in 1493 and named after the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat.

The population is 5,000 people.

Country Abbreviations

MSR is the three-letter country code of Montserrat, and MS is the two-letter country code of Montserrat. The two-letter suffix is used in top-level domains on the Internet as .ms.


Jewelry, bags, baskets, pottery, glassware, coconut items, clothing, tablecloths, and cushions. Shop opening hours: Mon, Tue, Thu 08.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00, Wed and Sat 08.00-13.00, Fri 08.00-17.00.



Some hotels offer live entertainment with music and dancing. Barbecue parties are very popular.



Specialties include fresh seafood and goatwater, a Caribbean twist on Irish stew. Grilled food is often on offer, as well as pumpkin soup, aubergine pies, saltfish, crepes and dishes with lots of fresh fruit. Dasheen and other local vegetables are offered in most hotels. Table service is common. Drinks: Imported beer, spirits and wine are available in most bars. The local rum is offered in punch and cocktails.



Some hotels have had to close due to volcanic activity. Hotels are i. Generally small with personal service. Overnight prices are higher in winter than in summer. An 18-room hotel opened in Sweeneys. Some hotels offer small separate bungalows and hotel rooms. Cleaning staff, babysitter and laundry service are offered on request. A 7% tax and 10% service charge is usually added to bills.Categories: Most hotels offer multiple nightly rates:Full American Plan (FAP): Room with full board (including afternoon tea).American Plan (AP): Room with three meals .Modified American Plan (MAP): Room, breakfast and dinner, in some hotels also afternoon tea.



Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists and other Christian denominations.

Social Rules of Conduct

Everyday clothing is appropriate, bathing suits belong on the beach. The lifestyle is tranquil, mixing Irish and Caribbean influences. Tipping is customary.


Best travel time

Subtropical climate moderated by trade winds. Rain showers are almost always to be expected from September to November.

Country data

Phone prefix

+1 664

Area (sq km)




Population density (per square km)


Population statistics year


Main emergency number