High School Codes in French Polynesia

There are 1 high school codes in French Polynesia today, according to the ACT. The full list is shown below by city, with name of each high school and the city where the school is located (based on the ACT official site). You can search a school code by pressing “Ctrl” + “F” and then type school name or 6-digit school code.

Map of French Polynesia

High School Codes in French Polynesia

High School Codes by City

  • High School Code
  • 744010

The above lists codes for all accredited French Polynesia high schools. Please be informed that the list of high school codes in French Polynesia may change throughout the year. If you can’t find codes for the high schools of your interest, please write to us or come back at a later time. We will update our database soon after a new high school code is added to the country of French Polynesia.

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