Hawaii Travel Guide

By | August 30, 2021

The island chain Hawaii is one of the states of the USA and a particularly attractive travel destination. As a state located in Oceania defined by physicscat.com, Hawaii offers everything you can expect from a varied beach holiday by the sea. Sandy beaches and palm trees can be found on these islands as well as interesting cities. As far as the island’s animals and plants are concerned, you will also come across some exotic species that are really worth seeing.

Sights in the narrowest sense, on the other hand, are not likely to be found there, but a very wide range of cultural offerings as well as a fascinating landscape and nature. Hawaii is famous, among other things, for the hula, a special dance that the people of the island still dance today and in which various movements and gestures are supposed to represent certain stories and people. This is also one of the ways that the people of Hawaii use to preserve their legends, among other things. Especially the women among the residents are very skilled in various handicrafts, with the classic workpieces being mats made of tapa and wood.

In addition to the opportunity to swim and enjoy the sun, you can usually windsurf very well on the beaches of Hawaii. Many of the locals are unsurpassed at surfing and can also (if you have a little experience) teach visitors the basics. In some ways Hawaii is quite similar to the United States, but in most of the cases it is in contrast to the country. A small tropical paradise like Hawaii is certainly not immediately associated with America.

Lovers like to travel to Hawaii to spend their honeymoon there. If you finally venture out of the cozy room and want to explore the landscapes, you should take a look at the shield volcanoes of the Hawaiian Islands. The largest volcanoes in the world are located here. All of Hawaii is volcanic in origin. The only exception to this are the coral reefs.

The largest volcanic mountain is Mauna Kea, which rises up to 4,205 meters above sea level. Its base is at a depth of 5,400 meters. So measured from its starting point to its top, it is over 9,000 meters high.

Hawaii climate

Hawaii is located in the outer tropics. The climate is tropical, but due to the almost constantly blowing northeast trade wind, the climate on the islands is more balanced than in other tropical regions.

The local Hawaiian climate is similar on all islands: the leeward sides on the southwestern coasts in the rain shadow of the mountains are sunny and dry while the humid, windward sides in the northeast have lush rainforests, waterfalls and roaring surf.

The weather in Hawaii is warm all year round, the average temperatures in summer and winter hardly differ. The highest temperatures are reached between June and October. In summer, temperatures are around 31 ° C during the day and around 24 ° C at night. In winter, the maximum temperatures during the day are 28 ° C, at night the values ​​rarely drop below 18 ° C.

Sometimes snow falls on the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa mountains in winter

Summer and autumn (May to October) are the driest seasons, and winter is usually the wettest. Most of the Hawaiian islands receive most of the rainfall between December and March. Mount Waiʻaleʻale on Kauaʻi is one of the rainiest spots on earth, possibly even the wettest. The annual rainfall averages between 11.7 and 13 meters.

Best time to travel to Hawaii

Most Hawaiian tourists come in winter (between December and February), this is mainly due to the fact that visitors to Hawaii want to “escape” the rather cold and dark weather in their home countries. However, Hawaii can be visited all year round without any problems, with accommodations offering lower prices, especially from April to November.

The best time to surf Oahu is around the end of December (Christmas). July and August are particularly suitable for divers and windsurfers, when the water is calmer.

Hawaii – traveling in the country

Airplane: Hawaiian Airlines and Island Air are the main providers of flights between the Hawaiian islands on the island chain. The flights are numerous and the flight time is short.

Car / Rental Car: Rental cars are available on all of the main islands. It is cheaper than booking on site to book the vehicle before arrival. When booking online, there are often cheaper offers.

Bus: O’ahu is the only island to offer a regular bus service that visitors can use to get to know the island. There are limited bus services between major cities in Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii.

Hawaii Travel Guide