Hawaii Landmarks

By | August 31, 2021

As a state located in Oceania defined by politicsezine.com, Hawaii is one of the travel destinations where everyone would like to have been. Especially since here as a tourist you have numerous different options for planning your vacation. You can either enjoy the sun, sand and sea or visit the various sights on the islands.

There are some interesting sacred buildings to visit in Hawaii. In the cemetery in the Valley of the Temples you can visit a temple, consecrated in 1968, which is supposed to commemorate the hundred years of immigration of Japan. The temple is a replica of the Beodo-In temple in Kyoto. To get to the Valley of the Temples, you have to go through O’ahu Province.

Maui has the Chinese temple Wo Hing, built in 1912. Even on Molokai there is an interesting religious building to visit. The Damien Church was built by Father Damien. The priest was canonized for this a few years later.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is an absolute must. The center in Laie gives vacationers the opportunity to get an excellent overview of the Polynesian world. There, the seven villages, which are supposed to represent the different islands, such as Samoa, Hawaii, Fiji, etc., the individual cultures including their building techniques, weavings and other handicrafts are presented.

One of the most important collections of Polynesian artifacts can be seen at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu. The highlight there is the feather coat of King Kamehameha the Great. He lived from 1758-1819. There are also traditional houses and other things to see here.

The surfers among the tourists will surely have a look at the surf museum on the north coast in Hale’iwa. There old surfboards and also some photos about this water sport are shown.

The Arizona Memorial or the Iolani Palace, as the locals call it, is definitely worth seeing. It is the only royal palace in the whole of the United States of America. Up until now, two rulers had ruled the Kingdom of Hawaii from the palace.

There are also some special natural beauties to visit on the island of O’ahu, such as the Halona Blow hole. Here you can marvel at the unique natural phenomenon that the sea water shoots 15 meters into the air.

The Dole plantations are also worth seeing. These are pineapple plantations from the canned fruit manufacturer. Sunset Beach is an absolute recommendation for surfers, as the beach is a fantastic surfing beach.

The Diomand Head crater is also worth a visit.

Even on Maui, you don’t have to spend the whole day in the water, as there are some interesting sights to see here.

You should definitely not miss the history museum in Lahaina. Here you can learn everything about the history of the city. The local court house from 1859 should also be seen.

The Haleakala craters are an absolute highlight. The lunar landscape of the volcano is totally impressive.

For nature lovers, Maui is an absolute must, as Lahaina is particularly good for watching the Humbelback whales. The island is an absolute paradise for surfers. The insider tip for water sports enthusiasts is the north coast of the island on Ho’okipa Beach.

Molokai has a few other sacred buildings besides the Damienkirche to offer. These are the churches of St. Joseph and Our Lady of Seven Sorrows, which are not far from the Damienkirchen.

The barrier reef should not be missed on the island either. It has a length of 45 kilometers. Other sights of the island would be the coffee plantations, the Moaula waterfalls, etc. Here it is also worthwhile to explore the fantastic underwater world of the island. Either by diving or snorkeling.

The islands of Big Island, South Point, Kauai, and Lanai, which are part of Hawaii, have other interesting sights to offer.

Hawaii Landmarks