Haiti Culture of Business

By | July 24, 2022

Cultural and business meetings


  • Introduction
  • Addressing
  • Business Meeting
  • Communication
  • Recommendations
  • Public holidays


Haitians are open to working with foreign businessmen and investors. However, they prefer American partners. Most Haitian businessmen speak not only French but also English. Meetings with Haitian counterparts should be arranged ahead of time. Being invited to restaurants for meetings is common and appreciated.

  • Programingplease: Yearbook 2010 of nation Haiti, including population, politics, and abbreviations.


He is addressed by his surname or title. A handshake is common.

Business meeting

Business meetings should be arranged ahead of time. Being late for meetings is not considered impolite. Attire should be formal. To start the conversation, it is good to ask about the family first. It is important to maintain eye contact during a business meeting. Foreign traders must prepare to be stared at by Haitian partners.

Most Haitians love the drama of negotiations. In general, Haitians communicate very indirectly, using different stories and getting to the topic a long way. They may also pretend to be terribly offended by your offer, but this is usually just a trick. Humor and laughter play a big role in negotiations.

It is recommended to avoid talking about politics until you have established a warm relationship with your partner. There is no specific ritual when handing over business cards, it is advisable to treat the business card with respect. It is recommended to have one side of the business card translated into French.


French and Haitian Creole are the official languages ​​of Haiti. However, English is also commonly used in the business community. Personal and telephone communication is preferred over e-mail. Haitians tend to communicate very indirectly. Visit Calculatorinc for more information about Haiti culture and traditions.


Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America, which has not had a stable government for a long time and its political system is unclear. Entrepreneurs are advised to carefully consider possible business activities in the country due to subsequent bad debts.

Public Holidays

January – New Year and the Anniversary of independence from France in 1804

January 2. Day of the Ancestors. January 6. Epiphany

January 12 Memorial Day

May 1 Labor and Agriculture Day

May 18 Haitian Flag Day and University Day

August 15 Assumption of the Virgin Mary

October 17 Day of the leader of the Haitian revolution Dessalines

November 1 and 2 All Saints’ Day

18 November Recollections of the Battle of Vertières

December 5 Haiti Discovery Day

December 25 Christmas



  • Contacts to Czech embassies in the territory
  • Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firefighters, information lines, etc.)
  • Important Internet links and contacts

Contacts at the embassies of the Czech Republic in the territory

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Havana

Ave Kohly 259, entre 41 y 43 Nuevo Vedado La Habana, Cuba

Phone: (+53) 78833201, 78833467

Fax: (+53) 78833596

e-mail: [email protected]

commercial and economic department: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/EmbajadaChecaLaHabana

Territorial jurisdiction of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Havana: Cuba, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Information and a map with the location of the ZÚ can be found at www.mzv.cz/havana in the chapter “How to find us”.

Practical telephone numbers (emergency services, police, firemen, information lines, etc.)

Police – 114

Ambulance – 116

Firefighters -115

Important web links and contacts

Haitian Ministry of Commerce and Industry – http://www.mci.gouv.ht/

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CCIH) – http://www.ccih.org.ht

Haitian Association of Manufacturers (ADIH) – www.adih.ht

Haiti Culture of Business