Gyozabot Announces Seculus, Strategy Game between Atheism and Religion, Agnosticism, and Their Campaign of Crowdfunding

Throughout history man has turned to religion for various purposes, but with the advent of the modern times many people has come to the conclusion that everything is governed by science, with studies and formulas validated empirically. This has given many arguments which today are kept in some heated family discussion when there are many topics of conversation.

Based on this concept the developers group Gyozabot It has announced its next game, Seculus, a strategy game facing three factions carrying to extremes the ideas of atheism, agnosticism and religious fundamentalism and passivity with all matters of life. So they started a crowdfunding campaign for its next game, which will be free when it comes out in Google Play.

The story puts us in a world dominated by three factions that lead each of their ideologies to the end. On the one hand we have the most extended faction, Vattinus, governed by a fundamentalist religious order and with a religion led to the greater end. The faction with which we will begin the game and which unlock other factions in the rest of the campaigns will be.

The second faction is the agnosticism, nomads of Oddlands, a wandering tribe that it not with the rest of Nations or le is no problem to her around while they can devote to their lives. Dedicated their efforts to navigate and to find new places where settle temporarily and mastered several techniques of search and hunt with some exceptional skills.

The third nation and therefore the least populated is the nation’s Cord, where everything is governed by standards of science, even magic, and even the most mundane of its inhabitants has more knowledge than a human power. They have a space program while the rest of Nations still operate on the basis of steam. It is this group which begin history to launch its first satellite into space, and so the Vattinus region considered attacking the sacred Sky of their gods and take it as an affront that leads to war.

After this premise is a strategy game with retro-inspired and 2D graphics, a mix between Risk and RPG with three different campaigns in which we will handle groups of the various Nations. As well it was said the Group crowdfunding is looking for and there are still 58 days. The plan is to try to get at least 3000 dollars to make sure that they can launch the project of a basic form and if you get 5500 dollars could do the full game and making all the extra money they get from there he would go to other projects of crowdfunding.

The plan is to launch the game at a bargain price of $2 or less, and can make the first two weeks the game you come out free as an introductory offer. Rewards vary from thanks, appear in the credits, access to the BETA, art posters and even appearing in the game as a fundamental character of history.