GRE Test Centers in Kansas

By | March 19, 2019

GRE Testing Locations

Decided to take GRE exam? Now it is time to determine where to take the test.  This site provides a full list of GRE testing centers in Kansas, among which, you can choose one that is nearest to you. Good news is that the following GRE test locations in Kansas offer both GRE general test and the GRE subject tests.

GRE Test Centers in Kansas

  1. Hays – Park Street – APCN-5336
    701 Park Street, Picken Hall RM 117A, Fort Hays State University, HAYS
    Kansas United States 67601
    Computer Based Test

GRE Test Dates

There are two types of test format offered by the test maker – ETS: Computer-delivered and Paper-delivered GRE general tests.  For computer based test format, the GRE General Test is offered year-round on a continuous basis, and available for registration on a first-come, first-served basis. For paper based general test,  testing is available three times per year. The following test dates apply:

Test Dates for Paper Based Deadlines for Registration Scores Available
November 09, 2019 October 4, 2019 December 20, 2019
February 1, 2020 December 27, 2019 March 13, 2020

GRE Subject Tests in Kansas

The GRE Subject Tests are available on paper based only. In all GRE test centers throughout the world (both inside and outside United States), the exam is available three times a year. The three test dates are:

  • April
  • September
  • October

GRE Test Dates in Kansas

Kansas Facts

  • The official name of the state is the State of Kansas (“State of Kansas”)
  • State region – Northwest Central States, Midwest USA
  • State area – 213,100 km 2 (including land – 211,754 km 2 and water surface – 1,346 km 2), 15th place among US states
  • State length:
    • from north to south – 343 km
    • from west to east – 660 km
  • The height of the relief of the state above sea level:
    • maximum – 1,232 m
    • minimum – 207 m
  • State Time Zone – US Central Time Zone (County 101) and US Mountain Time Zone (County 4)
  • Date of foundation of the state – January 29, 1861 (34 states in the United States)
  • The state capital is Topeka.
  • The largest city in the state is Wichita.
  • The population of the state is about 2,915,000 people (35th place among US states)
  • The population density in the state is about 13.5 people / km 2 (40th place among US states)
  • The average household income in the state is about $56,420 (31st place among US states)
  • The state motto is Ad astra per aspera (“To the stars through hardships”).
  • State nicknames – “State of Sunflowers” (official), “State of Wheat”, “State of Jayhawkers 
  • State abbreviation – KS

The state of Kansas is located in the Midwest of the United States and belongs to the Northwest Central States. Kansas is bordered by the states of Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. Kansas is the geographic center of the continental United States.

Kansas is located almost entirely in the Great Plains. The state has a very flat terrain, with the elevation of the terrain gradually (and very gradually) rising from east to west.

The northeastern part of the “Sunflower State” is characterized by a humid continental climate, summers are quite hot and with a lot of precipitation, and winters are cool and almost snowless. In the southern and southeastern districts, the climate is even warmer – humid subtropical. Western Kansas has less rainfall and more changeable weather.