By | March 11, 2019

What is GRE? What does it test?
The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is required for admission to U.S. and Canadian graduate schools. Most students attend graduate school for a master or doctoral degree. The GRE exam does not test any specific knowledge in certain subject. Rather, it tests the “mental intelligence” as well as the ability to make decision under time pressure. GRE is now only available as a computer-based test. Format of the exam is as below:

Section  Number (s) of questions  Length
Essays (one Issue and one Argument) 2  45 min for Issue and 30 min for Argument
Verbal (about 6 Sentence Completion, 7 Analogy, 8 Reading Comprehension and 9 Antonym) 30  30 min
Math (about 14 Problem Solving, and 14 Quantitative Comparison) 28 45 min

About GRE Score
What is the averaged GRE score? What score should I obtain?
The averaged score for GRE is 562 worldwide. What score you should obtain depends on which school you are going to apply to. Generally, the higher the school is ranked, the higher score you must obtain.
Can I take GRE twice?
Yes. But you could not take it more than once a month. The GRE score is valid for five years. If you take GRE more than once, the ETS will forward the most recent three scores to the schools you apply to.
About GRE Preparation
How long does it take to prep for GRE?
Time needed to prepare for GRE varies from student to student, but it generally takes 3 months in order to achieve a satisfactory score.
Where can I get the real GRE questions?
All examples included in our prep courses are real questions that our authors collected when they took the test. However, the questions have been modified. If you need more real questions, please visit the test-writer’s website: