GMAT vs GRE: What is the Difference?

By | August 7, 2020

At present, students are very concerned and aware of their education and careers. You want to pursue the best course from the best school or university. GRE and GMAT are considered a way to study abroad at major universities run by two different organizations. A qualified score of Graduate Registration Exam (GRE) enables you to be admitted to graduate schools.


On the other hand, a satisfactory test result for the Graduate Administration (GMAT) is the gateway to the best business schools. Students remain confused between these two entrance exams as to which is the best for them in terms of their career. This article explains the differences between GRE and GMAT.

Comparison chart

Usage The GRE is a test taken by students who wish to apply for admission to the best graduate schools. The GMAT is a test that students take to request an administration degree at business schools.
Since 1949 1953
Test maker Educational test service. Postgraduate Management Admissions Council.
Subject There is no specific subject. Business study
Duration 3 hours 45 minutes 3 hours 30 minutes
Target Admission to postgraduate and doctoral programs at various universities. Admission to business school management programs at the graduate level.

GRE: Graduate Record Examination Test

The GRE or Graduate Record Examination test is a computer-based or paper-based systematic test organized and carried out by the Education Testing Service (ETS). The test is required by all graduate schools in the United States for admission to teacher programs and doctoral studies. The exam began for the first time in 1949. In August 2011, the GRE Revised General Exam was introduced.

The test assesses the applicant’s knowledge and skills in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and critical thinking. It is a general entrance exam that does not relate to any specific discipline. The exam maker offers students free preparatory material.

GRE - Graduate Record Examination Test

GMAT: Graduate Administration Admission Test

The Graduate Administration Admission Test (GMAT) is a computerized systematic test developed and conducted by the Graduate Administration Admission Council (GMAC). The test is a prerequisite for participation in the various administrative programs of the best B schools.

The GMAT is divided into several sections, which measure students’ skills in verbal and quantitative thinking, analytical writing, and integrated thinking (section recently introduced by GMAC in 2012). Most business schools recommend students to take GMAT before applying for admission to management programs.

GMAT - Graduate Administration Admission Test

Main differences between GRE and GMAT

The main differences between GRE and GMAT are presented in the following points:

  1. The GRE is a computer-based or paper-based exam that students take to attend different graduate schools at different universities. On the other hand, GMAT is a computer or paper exam that students take to enroll various professional programs at business schools.
  2. The GRE started in 1949 while GMAT started in 1953.
  3. The GRE was administered by the Educational Testing Service. On the contrary, the Graduate Administration Admissions Council administers the GMAT.
  4. GRE is not limited to any particular discipline, but GMAT is a required test for any business degree.
  5. The test duration for the GRE paper test is 3.5 hours while the computer test is 3.75 hours. For GMAT, the duration is only 3.5 hours.
  6. The aim of the GRE is to apply for admission to postgraduate and doctoral programs at various universities while the aim of GMAT is for admission applications to postgraduate administration programs at business schools.


The exams validate a student’s quantitative thinking, verbal skills, and analytical skills. In addition, the grades are valid for a period of 5 years. The GMAT is accepted by all business schools, but now GRE is also accepted by some business schools.


After the previous discussion, it can be said that these two exams are completely different. If you want to apply for an unmanaged teacher, GRE is the best option for you. However, if you are only aiming for a degree in management, you will need to prepare for the GMAT.

Aside from the above differences, the math questions asked in GRE are a bit simpler than GMAT math. The verbal part also focuses on the vocabulary in GRE and the grammar in GMAT. Consider these parameters when preparing for either of these two exams. One more thing you should know is that the cost of GMAT is higher than that of GRE.

Good luck.