GMAT Test Centers in Portugal

By | March 11, 2019

GMAT Testing Locations

We have found 1 GMAT test centres in Portugal, located in Lisbon and Porto. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page.

GMAT Test Centers in Portugal

#1. CESAE Porto

Rua Ciriaco Cardoso nº186
4150-212 Porto
Phone: [351] 226195200

Test Center Information

O Cesae fica na rua Ciriaco Cardoso nº186, a rua Ciriaco Cardoso é uma rua perpendicular a Avª da Boavista e fica na zona do Pinheiro Manso.
Como chegar de autocarro:
Linha 502 – Saia na paragem Pinheiro Manso, siga em direcção à Rotunda da Boavista. A 50 metros da paragem surge a Rua Ciríaco Cardoso do seu lado direito (há uma dependência do BPI na esquina). Entre na Rua Ciríaco Cardoso e siga pelo passeio do lado esquerdo até encontrar uma árvore grande (a 300 metros do início da rua). Chegou ao CESAE. Toque à campainha existente do lado esquerdo do portão e o segurança indicar-lhe-á o centro de exames ou o acesso para deficientes motores, em caso de necessidade.
The Cesae is located in the Rua Ciriaco Cardoso nº186, this street is a perpendicular street of the Avª of the Boavista and is in the zone of the Pinheiro Manso.
How to arrive by bus:
Line 502 – Stop at Pinheiro Manso and walk towards Rotunda da Boavista. Rua Ciriaco Cardoso is located 50 meters from the bus stop, on the right side (there’s a Bank BPI shop on the corner). Walk through Rua Ciriaco Cardoso until you find a big tree (300 meters from the bank). You arrived at CESAE. Ring the bell at the left side of the gate and security will guide you to the testing center or the disabled access, if necessary.

#2. Rumos

Edifício Mirage-Entrecampos
Rua Dr. Eduardo Neves, 3
1050-077 Lisbon
Phone: [351] 217-824-100

Test Center Information

Morada: Edifício Mirage – Entrecampos, Rua Dr. Eduardo Neves, 3, 1050-077 Lisboa
Estação de Metro: Entrecampos (Linha amarela)
Estação de Comboio: Entrecampos
Autocarros: 207, 727, 736, 738, 744, 754, 783, 798
A Rumos está localizada mesmo em frente à Estação de comboios de Entrecampos (junto à praça de táxis da estação e ao lado da Meo).
Address: Edifício Mirage – Entrecampos, Rua Dr. Eduardo Neves, 3, 1050-077 Lisboa
Subway station: Entrecampos (Yellow line)
Train Station: Entrecampos
Bus: 207, 727, 736, 738, 744, 754, 783, 798
Rumos is located just in front of Entrecampos train station (near the Taxis e next to MEO).

GMAT Exam Dates in Portugal

Unlike some paper based exams, the GMAT is computer based. Therefore, there are no fixed test dates for GMAT. Wherever you are in Portugal, all test centers are open from Monday through Saturday throughout the year. Some even offer the exam every day of the year.  However, some test centers are not open on Sundays and national holidays. For example, most college-based test centers might be closed for extended periods around holidays. For precise testing dates in Portugal, please visit test-maker website –

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The climate is characterized by its Mediterranean character, which increases from north to south, as well as by increasing continentality from west to east. The Azores high, which extends far to the north in summer, protects against cyclones which only become weather-effective in winter, when Portugal gets into the area of ​​the westerly wind zone. The windward, mountainous north-west receives incline rain of 1,500 to over 3,000 mm per year, the east lying in the rain shadow only 500–1,000 mm annual precipitation; in the south, precipitation falls below 400 mm. In the higher mountains the snow remains for several weeks in winter. The entire west coast is relatively cool in summer (July mean 17-20 ° C), as it is then exposed to the strong northwest wind. Temperatures are increasing inland (July mean 24–28 ° C). Check petwithsupplies to see Portugal Travel Guide.


Portugal belongs to the natural forest region. Deciduous species (especially oak species) in the northwest and evergreen species (including cork oaks) characterized the natural forest vegetation. With the exception of the northwestern Alentejo, today’s forests are essentially limited to the Atlantic-influenced coastal and mountainous countries in the northwestern half of the country and are characterized by pines and eucalyptus. The southern Portuguese groves of extensive, evergreen stone and cork oaks (Montados) are used as pasture for cattle and occasionally for agriculture. The one through degradation The resulting bush formations contain broom and broom, bell heather and other heather plants in the damp northwest, shrubs and aromatic herbs (rock roses, strawberry bushes, kermes oak; thyme, lavender, etc.) in the south and east.