GMAT Test Centers in Mauritius

By | March 11, 2019

GMAT Testing Location

We have found 1 GMAT test centre in Mauritius, located in Port Louis. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page.

GMAT Test Centers in Mauritius

AEA Business School

First Floor, Devi House 2
Dr A Perdreau Street
Port Louis
Phone: +(230) – 208 0272/94

Test Center Information

Behind MUTUAL AID building..Dr. A Perdreau Street, 1st Floor AEA Training Centre – Devi House 2, Port Louis

GMAT Exam Dates in Mauritius

Unlike some paper based exams, the GMAT is computer based. Therefore, there are no fixed test dates for GMAT. Wherever you are in Mauritius, all test centers are open from Monday through Saturday throughout the year. Some even offer the exam every day of the year.  However, some test centers are not open on Sundays and national holidays. For example, most college-based test centers might be closed for extended periods around holidays. For precise testing dates in Mauritius, please visit test-maker website –

More about Mauritius

  • THEFREEGEOGRAPHY: Overview of arts and crafts in Mauritius. Also includes film, dance, music, and literature in this country.


Since March 12, 1992, Mauritius has been a parliamentary republic within the Commonwealth. The constitution of August 12, 1967, supplemented by the independence decision of March 12, 1968 (Mauritius Independence Order), which has since been revised several times, applies. Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is the President of the Republic, elected by Parliament for 5 years. He appoints the prime minister, can dissolve parliament and declare a state of emergency. The cabinet is responsible to parliament. The legislative body is the National Assembly, a unicameral parliament with a legislative period of 5 years. Of the maximum of 70 MPs, 62 are directly elected by majority voting (voting rights from the age of 18) and up to 8 are appointed (appointed from the ranks of unsuccessful candidates, taking ethnic minorities into account). There are also the speaker of parliament and the attorney general. The island of Rodriguez, with Francophone residents predominantly of African descent, has had extended autonomy rights since 2002 (its own regional parliament and its own regional government) and sends 2 members to the National Assembly.

National symbols

The national flag was first hoisted on Independence Day. It is divided into four horizontal stripes evenly in red, blue, yellow and green. The colors were taken from the coat of arms.

The coat of arms was adopted on August 25, 1905 by the British King Edward VIII. awarded and adopted unchanged upon independence. In the first field of the blue and gold quartered shield, it shows a golden sailing ship that is reminiscent of the first settlers. The green palm trees in the second field – two above, one below – represent the flora. The red key in the third field symbolizes the strategic location, together with the silver tip, elevated by a five-pointed silver star in the fourth field and the motto “Stella Clavisque Maris Indici” (star and key of the Indian Sea) on the silver band under the coat of arms. Heraldic shield holders are a dronte on the right and a sambar deer on the left, each holding a sugar cane stalk. The silver belly of the shield holder is separated from the red back by a pewter cut.

The national holiday is March 12th. It commemorates the achievement of independence in 1968. Check ask4beauty to see Mauritius the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.


Mauritius has a diversified multi-party system, which is characterized by changing electoral alliances and alliances. The most important groups are the Mouvement Socialiste Militant (MSM, German fighting socialist movement; founded 1983), the Parti Mauricien Social-Démocrate (PMSD, German Social Democratic Party of Mauritius; founded 1955), the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM, German fighting movement of Mauritius; founded in 1969), the Muvman Liberater (ML, emerged in 2014 as a spin-off from the MMM), the Parti Travailliste (PTr, German Labor Party, also Mauritian Labor Party [MLP]; founded 1936) and the Mouvement Mauricien Social Démocrate (MMSD, German Social Democratic Movement of Mauritius; founded in 2010).


The trade union umbrella organizations National Trade Union Council (NTUC), Mauritius Labor Congress (MLC), Mauritius Trade Union Congress (MTUC) and Congress of Independent Trade Unions (CITU) are united in the All Workers Conference.


Mauritius does not have its own armed forces; Great Britain will defend the island state in the event of a conflict. Paramilitary groups are available with around 2,000 men. A Special Mobile Force (SMF) with around 1,400 men corresponds to the army. The surveillance of the maritime economic zone is ensured by coastal surveillance aircraft and 21 coastal protection ships. The Indian Navy supports Mauritius in training and maintenance.


The main island of Mauritius is divided into 9 districts and 5 municipalities. The island of Rodriguez and the Cargados-Carajos and Agalega islands have no subordinate administrative units.


Jurisdiction is exercised at the lower level by District Courts, at the middle level by the Intermediate Court and Industrial Court, and at the upper level by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, with extensive first and second instance jurisdiction, also decides on the interpretation of the constitution and the nullity of unconstitutional laws. In certain cases the Privy Council in London can also be called.

The civil law, which is based on the French Code civil ( Code ) and English Common Law, as well as the Commercial Code, which follows the French “Code de Commerce”, have often been amended and supplemented. The procedural law is largely based on the English legal tradition.