GMAT Test Centers in Israel

GMAT Testing Location

We have found 1 GMAT test centre in Israel, located in Ramat Gan. For specific test dates of 2019, please refer to the end of this page.

GMAT Test Centers in Israel

Pearson Professional Centers-Tel Aviv, Israel

2 Derech Ben Gurion
BSR Building 1. 9th floor
Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6133664

Test Center Information

PLEASE ARRIVE AT THE TEST CENTRE 30 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR EXAM APPOINTMENT with a PASSPORT as identification PLUS any additional id requested by the exam sponsor.
Please note: Any jewellery or hair clips larger than 1/4 inch – 1/2 cm, , is not permitted in the testing room, you will be asked to store them in a locker at the testing centre. Thank you

Exit Ayalon Highway at Haalacha Junction to direction Ramat Gan.
Turn into Bialik Street.
At 3rd traffic light turn left into Abba Hillel Silver St.
Continue along Abba Hillel for approximately 1.7km until Ben Gurion Road
The building is on the right of Ben Gurion. Number 2 Ben Gurion Road (BSR Building no 1).
Pearson Professional Center is on the 9th floor.
From Road number 4 exit at Petah Tiqua/Ramat Gan Junction and turn into Jabotinsky St towards Ramat Gan. Turn right into Ben Gurion Road and Test Center is on the left- corner of Ben Gurion and Abba Hillel Road.
Note that the Building is located close to the Ayalon Shopping Mall.
PARKING is available on the corner of Abba Hillel/ Ben Gurion in the parking lot of the Ramat Gan Soccer Stadium/Ayalon Mall. Entrance at traffic light at the Ayallon Mall in Abba Hillel St . Turn left to end. NOTE MOBILE PHONES ARE TO BE SWITCHED OFF WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE CENTER AND NOT ACCESSED UNTIL YOU LEAVE AFTER THE TEST. PLEASE TAKE THIS IN TO ACCOUNT WHEN PARKING.
Direct Buses from Jerusalem 401, 400 or 402

GMAT Exam Dates in Israel

Unlike some paper based exams, the GMAT is computer based. Therefore, there are no fixed test dates for GMAT. Wherever you are in Israel, all test centers are open from Monday through Saturday throughout the year. Some even offer the exam every day of the year.  However, some test centers are not open on Sundays and national holidays. For example, most college-based test centers might be closed for extended periods around holidays. For precise testing dates in Israel, please visit test-maker website –

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