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By | April 18, 2020

Overview of Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College, located in the historic town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, is a private liberal arts college with a rich history and a commitment to academic excellence, civic engagement, and a vibrant community. Established in 1832, the college is situated on a campus that played a significant role in the American Civil War, and it has since evolved into a dynamic institution known for its rigorous academic programs and dedication to preparing students for meaningful and ethical lives.

Academically, Gettysburg College is organized into four distinct schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the Sunderman Conservatory of Music, the School of Business, and the School of Health Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest school, offering a wide range of majors in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The Sunderman Conservatory provides a comprehensive music education, the School of Business focuses on developing business leaders, and the School of Health Sciences prepares students for careers in healthcare.

The academic curriculum at Gettysburg College is characterized by its emphasis on the liberal arts, promoting a well-rounded education that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, and intellectual curiosity. The college’s commitment to a broad-based education is reflected in its distribution requirements, ensuring that students explore a diverse range of disciplines even as they specialize in their chosen majors.

One of the distinctive features of Gettysburg College is its dedication to experiential learning. The Center for Career Engagement and the Garthwait Leadership Center work collaboratively to provide students with internships, research opportunities, and leadership development programs. The college actively encourages students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings, preparing them for success in their chosen careers.

The Gettysburg Curriculum, or “The Gettysburg Great Work,” is designed to guide students through a transformative educational journey. This curriculum includes coursework in various disciplines, a required first-year seminar, and experiential learning opportunities. It culminates in the Senior Capstone Experience, where students showcase their achievements and integrate their learning from different areas of study.

Gettysburg College places a strong emphasis on community engagement and service. The Center for Public Service facilitates opportunities for students to participate in community service projects, volunteer work, and social justice initiatives. The college’s commitment to civic responsibility is deeply rooted in its history, as the Battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War served as a turning point that inspired the college’s dedication to citizenship and leadership.

The college’s campus, nestled in the heart of the Gettysburg National Military Park, provides a historic and picturesque backdrop for academic and extracurricular activities. The Majestic Theater, a historic venue on campus, hosts cultural events and performances, contributing to the vibrant arts community at Gettysburg. The campus features modern facilities, including state-of-the-art science laboratories, the Musselman Library, and the Jaeger Center for Athletics, Recreation, and Fitness.

Gettysburg College is known for its close-knit and supportive community. The college’s residential life emphasizes living-learning communities, where students with similar academic interests can live together and engage in collaborative learning experiences. The sense of community is further strengthened by student organizations, clubs, and events that cater to a variety of interests and passions.

The athletics program at Gettysburg College, known as the Bullets, competes in the NCAA Division III Centennial Conference. The college offers a range of varsity sports, intramural activities, and club sports, providing opportunities for students to participate in athletic pursuits at different levels.

The college actively promotes diversity and inclusion through initiatives, support services, and cultural events. The Office of Multicultural Engagement and the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life contribute to creating an inclusive environment that values and celebrates differences. Gettysburg College strives to foster an atmosphere where all students feel welcome and supported in their academic and personal journeys.

Gettysburg College stands as a distinguished institution with a strong commitment to the liberal arts, experiential learning, civic engagement, and community building. Rooted in its historical significance, the college continues to prepare students to be responsible, ethical, and engaged citizens. Through its unique educational approach and vibrant campus community, Gettysburg College offers students an enriching and transformative college experience.

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Rankings: Gettysburg College

Located in Gettysburg, PA, Gettysburg College is one of the best universities in the state of Pennsylvania. On this page, you will find in-depth rankings for Gettysburg College in the following areas: graduation rates, teaching  resources, financing opportunities, and alumni donations. Latest acceptance rate is also given to show how competitive is Gettysburg College.

Rankings, Ratings, and Admissions Statistics
Overall Ranking: 49
Score: 67
Peer college rating (out of 5) 3.3
Graduation and retention ranking: 54
Average freshman retention rate: 91.2%
6-year graduation rate: 82.0%
Predicted graduation rate: 82%
Overperformance(+)/Underperformance(-): 0
Faculty resources ranking: 55
Classes with under 20 students (2020): 68.8%
Classes with 50 or more students (2020): 0.2%
Student faculty ratio (2020): 11:1
Percent of faculty who are full-time (2020) 89.2%
Student selectivity ranking: 39
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile (2020) 1220-1360
2020 Freshmen in top 10 percent of high school class: 66%
Freshmen in top 25 percent of high school class (2020): 89%
Fall 2020 Acceptance rate: 37.8%
Financial resources rank: 60
Alumni giving rank: 44
Average alumni giving rate (2020): 37.2%

Gettysburg College History

Essential Facts: Gettysburg College

  • Gettysburg College’s Pennsylvania Hall, the school’s oldest and most central building, was used as a field hospital during the Civil War battle with which the school shares its name.
  • On campus, there are about 120 student clubs and organizations, and Gettysburg has nearly 20 fraternities and sororities, which more than 40 percent of students join.
  • The average high school GPA of the admitted freshman class at Gettysburg College was 3.4 on the 4.0 scale indicating that primarily B+ students are accepted and ultimately attend.

Rules and regulations Sports Activities 

General Information  
Percent of undergraduate students who live in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing: 94%
Percent of undergraduates who are members of a fraternity: 38%
Percent of student body who are members of a sorority: 26%
Average percentage of students on campus during weekends: 90%
Are all students permitted to have cars on campus? No
Percent of students who have cars on campus: 60%
Is alcohol permitted on campus for students of legal age? Yes
Additional policies and regulations: class attendance policies set by individual instructors, honor code, hazing prohibited, other
Collegiate athletic association: NCAA III
Men’s scholarship sports: N/A
Women’s scholarship sports: N/A
Student activities: campus ministries, choral groups, concert band, dance, drama/theater, international student organization, jazz band, literary magazine, marching band, model UN, music ensembles, radio station, student government, student newspaper, symphony orchestra, television station, yearbook