French Polynesia Landmarks

By | August 9, 2021

French Polynesia is in the South Pacific. The 120 individual islands are usually divided into 5 island groups. The Leeward and Windward Islands are also grouped together as Society Islands (Archipel de la Sociéte). These islands are more mountainous, but the coasts are flat. The largest Windward Island (and probably the best known) is Tahiti. The highest mountains here are Mount Orohena at 2,236 meters and Mount Aorai at 2,068 meters. Next to Tahiti is the dreamy island of Moorea with extensive sandy beaches. The largest Leeward Islands are Raiatea and Bora-Bora.

In the east of Tahiti is the Tuamotu Archipelago, which is made up of around 80 coral atolls. In the northeast of Tahiti (about 1,500 kilometers away) there are two volcanic archipelagos, the Marquesas. These are divided into a northern and a southern group.

In the south of Tahiti there is the group of islands of the Austral Islands, which run in an east-west direction .

Above all, the Society Islands with the main island Tahiti as well as Bora Bora and Huahine are known worldwide and are considered to be the epitome of South Sea romance. The island of Moorea with its distinctive mountain contours and blue lagoons is certainly one of the most scenic islands in the South Pacific.

The culture of French Polynesia is very mixed. In addition to the traditional culture that almost every family in French Polynesia cultivates, there is also a modern cultural landscape on the islands. The media landscape, for example, consists of three TV channels. Until a while ago there wasn’t even a single one here.
The eating habits and typical dishes of French Polynesia are also very different. In general, all residents tend towards dishes and dishes based on fish and seafood. This is of course due to the environment, here you can always catch fresh fish and shellfish. Vegetables and purees of all kinds are often served with the tasty dishes. If you want a dessert, you get mostly fresh fruit.
The sea ​​slugs are a delicacy of the people of French Polynesia. However, not every guest or tourist finds it as tasty as the people here. Trying is also about studying here!


As a country located in Oceania defined by, French Polynesia has many interesting sights to offer.

So you should definitely put Marae Taputapuatea on the list of sights to be visited. Marae Taputapuatea is located on the island of Raiatea in the city of Opoa. Marae Taputapuatea is one of the most important holy places in Polynesia, which is also the largest. It is also very well preserved. Marae comes from the language of the locals and is a meeting place for the individual extended families or tribes. Mavea on Huahine Island also has some maraes to offer.

Petroglyphs can be seen in the Marquesas and Tahiti.

Tikis are something special. These are stone figures, for the production of which humans have been taken as models. The figures on the Marquesas Islands are up to 2.50 meters high.

You should have seen the Tione Temple in Papara on Tahiti. It was built in 1996. The style of construction is based on the wood construction style of the southern countries. The building itself has been given many playful details.

The church near Mataleas is also worth a visit. The Bramantes Tempieto was used as a model for the construction of the church.

The absolute highlight, however, is the church of Papetoi. The church on the island of Mororea dates from 1822 and has an octagonal base.

The Arue Town Hall in Papeete is well worth a visit. It was built in 1892 by the Australian architect Victor Raoulx as the Australian consulate. The lumber from the reedwood trees was specially delivered from California.

In no case should one miss a visit to the Whare houses. They were built on stilts in the lagoons and are connected by small bridges.

The oldest lighthouse in Tahiti can be seen at Venus Point. It dates from 1867. It was built by the father of the famous writer Rovert Stevenson.

French Polynesia also has some natural beauty to offer. So you shouldn’t miss the Mount Orahena under any circumstances. The mountain has a height of 2241 meters and is the highest mountain in Tahiti. There are some waterfalls in French Polynesia to marvel at, as well as some beaches where you can go swimming. The black basalt beaches or the lagoon of Bora Bora are something special.

The Opunohu Valley on Moorea is also worth seeing.

French Polynesia also offers its visitors a wide range of activities. So you can surf here particularly well. The islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Uahine and Raiatea are recommended. So you should also know that from October to March, the north coast of the country is more recommended for surfers. From April to September you will find excellent surfing conditions on the south coast.

French Polynesia also has a large number of excellent sailing areas to offer. But other activities from diving, snorkeling to horse riding are also possible.

French Polynesia Landmarks