Food and Entertainment in South Goa, India

By | November 25, 2022

Cuisine and restaurants of South Goa

The first thing to try in South Goa is fish and seafood. The variety of seafood presented in the local restaurants strikes the imagination of a northern man: shrimps, squids, crabs, lobsters, lobsters, oysters, mussels, octopuses. Shark, pamphret, snapper, tuna are popular fish. All this freshly caught splendor is grilled, baked in tandoori, served with vegetables and fruits, set off with all kinds of sauces – in general, guests are guaranteed gastronomic pleasure in beach shakes.

Aaron’s Beach Shack, which operates on Kansaulim Beach, has earned a lot of positive feedback from tourists. The average check is 2000 INR for two with drinks. On the Cavelossim beach

» We advise you to visit the Jazz Inn cafe: the hallmark of this establishment is live music, besides, it serves delicious lamb dishes (which is, in principle, a rarity in India). A recognized favorite on the south coast of Goa is the Zeebop by the Sea restaurant on Utord Beach. On a summer afternoon, guests will be protected from the sun by a spacious awning, and in the evening, lanterns in the form of wicker baskets hanging under the ceiling will add comfort. In addition, this place is remembered for its delicate service and a completely European level of service.

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For those who want to have a cheap snack, they sell chapati and nan cakes stuffed with chicken or vegetables, boiled corn, fruits (coconuts, pineapples, mangoes) right on the beach. Together with freshly squeezed juice, such a snack will cost about 200 INR. And for those who want to get acquainted with authentic Indian cuisine at its best, we advise you to visit the Spice Goa restaurant in Mapusa. The average check in the institution is 2500 INR for two.

Entertainment and attractions

Of course, Old Goa deserves attention – the ancient capital of India (at the time when it was a colony of Portugal). The historical center of the city is very beautiful, and architectural monuments are located there at every turn: St. Catherine ‘s Cathedral, the Church of Francis of Assisi, the Basilica of Bom Jesus.

Fans of snorkeling should definitely visit Bath Island (located near Bayna Beach) – here the water is so clear that you can see all the inhabitants of the coral reef even without a mask.

To visit Goa and not go on an excursion to the Dudhsagar waterfall means to miss the opportunity to admire the virgin nature and one of its most beautiful creations: white foamy streams rush down from a height of 310 m. You can only drive here in jeeps. For those who book an excursion to the waterfall, a visit to the Spice Plantations is often a bonus.

Another place that is definitely worth a visit for wildlife lovers is Cotigao Reserve. Here, under the canopy of gigantic trees, rare animals and exotic birds live. Most likely, you won’t be able to meet panthers and tigers in broad daylight, but monkeys and wild boars are welcome.

Not far from the Bogmalo beach, right under the open sky, there is the Museum of Naval Aviation. Here you can see models of aircraft, bombs, torpedoes and samples of the uniform of Indian military pilots.

Connoisseurs of ancient architecture will be able to enjoy a tour of the ancient temple of Goa – Mahadeva, dedicated to the god Shiva. This architectural monument is entirely carved from a granite rock and dates back to the 13th century. Another interesting place in South Goa is the Cross Museum, located next to the Goan Village Park. Here is the largest collection of all kinds of crosses and crucifixes in the world.

5 things to do in South Goa

  1. Go around as many beaches as possible and make your “top” of the most-most.
  2. Arrange a photo shoot on the white sand under the palm trees.
  3. Scuba dive into the waters of the Arabian Sea (or at least snorkel!).
  4. Try exceptionally large mussels in the restaurant on the Betul beach.
  5. Visit a spice plantation to see firsthand how the most famous spices grow.


In South Goa, the climate is the same as that of its neighbor, North Goa. A long holiday season – from October to May – attracts tourists from Russia and Europe just at this time. The air temperature during the day rarely drops below +30 °C, the water temperature is around +26 °C all year round. The most pleasant period for rest lasts from November to February, but even at this time the humidity of the air here is about 70%. You should not visit South Goa in June-early September – this is the peak of the rainy season, prolonged tropical downpours leave little opportunity for a beach holiday and sightseeing.

South Goa, India