Fhan Thiet, Vietnam

By | December 15, 2022

According to clothesbliss, Phan Thiet is a young but already very popular Vietnamese resort. It stretches for 40 km along the coast of the South China Sea and includes the city itself and several neighborhoods and villages to the east and west of it. All tourist life is concentrated on the coast – hotels, restaurants, rental offices and other entertainment. There are almost no attractions in the central part, the only thing that may interest the guests of the city is a museum, a couple of temples, a market and a crocodile nursery.

The main tourist destinations are beach and outdoor activities. It is equally good to relax under the warm sun and catch a wave by windsurfing or wakeboarding. During the windy season, many fans of water sports gather in the city. In addition, the Vietnamese resort attracts gourmets from all over the world. The already unique cuisine of this country here acquires a special flavor due to the abundance of seafood, exotic delicacies and tropical fruits.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Even having arrived in Phan Thiet for only a week, it is better to buy a local SIM card to call home. Communication here is so cheap that the savings will be significant. The Vietnamese Big Three are Mobifone, Vinaphone and Viettel. Tariffs are about the same, which one is more profitable – it’s hard to say. But if it’s important, most often there are booklets at points of sale, which contain prices for calls and sending SMS to different countries. If time permits, you can buy a SIM card right at the airport of arrival (Ho Chi Minh City or Dalat), upon arrival in Phan Thiet, the tariffs will remain the same – there is no internal roaming here.

Free Wi-Fi is available in many restaurants and hotels (if not in the room, then at the reception for sure). However, the signal is not always good. If you need to go online regularly, you can compensate for this by activating an internet package on a local SIM card.

What to bring

For souvenirs in Phan Thiet, it is better to go to the central market – Phan Thiet Fair, in the only shopping center “Ko-op Mart” prices are an order of magnitude higher, and the choice is less. Pearls are considered to be the most popular gift from the Vietnamese resort; products from it are sold here at every turn. True, most often the stones are grown artificially, but the jewelry still looks elegant and is in demand.

The market also sells elaborately painted silk clothes and crocodile skin products – belts, bags and purses. The stalls are full of handmade goods made of stone and wood – caskets, frames and other trinkets, and you can bring a picture of shells and sand as a memory of the sea.

The hallmark of these places is nuoc cham fish sauce.

For lovers of the exotic, Phan Thiet sells ointments and tinctures with snake and scorpion venom, natural herbs and other exotic ingredients. The cream is used externally to treat bruises and sprains, and the balm is used internally to strengthen the cardiovascular system and immunity. From grocery stores, it is worth grabbing the famous Vietnamese coffee, green tea and the visiting card of these places – nuoc cham fish sauce, which is produced at a local factory.

Cuisine and restaurants of Phan Thiet

The cuisine of southern Vietnam is distinguished by an abundance of herbs, seasonings and sauces, the most famous of which is “nuoc cham”. They even serve chicken with it. There are more fish dishes on the menu of local establishments – sea fishing has been feeding the inhabitants of Phan Thiet for centuries. On the table often – shrimps, squids, lobsters and fish in a variety of ways. Special attention in traditional Vietnamese restaurants deserves exotic dishes and delicacies – turtle soup, roast crocodile meat, grilled snakes and much more.

For those who do not risk trying something unusual while traveling, there are quite familiar Italian, French and even Russian establishments in Phan Thiet. The menu in English and Russian is also not uncommon.

Choosing an institution here is not only based on gastronomic preferences – the price range is large. There are no fast food chains, but finding the usual hamburgers or french fries is not a problem. This is the most budget option for a snack – 85,000-150,000 VND per person. It is cheapest to eat well in Vietnamese cafes. Most of the food in Phan Thiet are middle class restaurants. A good lunch in them will cost from 600,000 VND (European cuisine is more expensive due to imported products). Those who want to indulge in the exotic in an expensive high-end restaurant need to be prepared to leave 1,500,000 VND for a dinner with alcohol for two.

Fhan Thiet, Vietnam