Entertainment and Attractions in Zermatt, Switzerland

By | January 2, 2023

In Zermatt, there is a clear excess of ice sights: an ice tower in the center of the village, an ice cave in eternal ice on the Matterhorn mountain, a “hall of ice”. There is also a ski museum. In addition, it is convenient to make panoramic excursions along the funicular line between Sunnega, Rothorn and Gornegrat from here. A three minute ride on the Sunnegga-Express takes the train to Sunnegga’s sunny corner, 689 meters above Zermatt. From there it is convenient to go higher to Blowherd and further on the panoramic route to Rothorn.

Riffelberg – Gornegrat – Stockhorn: Europe’s highest panoramic route with great views of the valley and the Alps. The train ride to Gornegrat, one of the oldest and most famous viewpoints of the surrounding mountains, takes an hour. From Gornegrat, you can take a lift to the Monte Rosa Glacier. Check animalerts for more cities and countries in Europe.

Schwarzsee – Trockener Steg – Klein Matterhorn: These panorama regions of the Matterhorn can also be easily reached by ski lifts.

It doesn’t matter for what purpose and when you arrived in Zermatt: this city definitely deserves a “lap of honor”, ​​especially since, due to its compact size, everything about everything is unlikely to take more than half a day. A fragment of the old village is also interesting, where old wooden houses and barns, ingeniously protected from rodents, and newer buildings, and three city churches – Lutheran, English and Catholic are well preserved. By the way, if you turn off the main street and go a little deeper into the conventionally non-tourist quarters, it immediately becomes clear that the lifestyle of local residents, if it has changed over the past 150 years (since the beginning of the transformation of Zermatt from a poor alpine town into a mountaineering and skiing Mecca), is very insignificant.

Finally, the Matterhorn Museum in the city center definitely deserves a visit: the entrance to it is made in the form of a glass copy of “you know what”, and the extensive exposition is entirely located underground. It without cuts, without turning over the tragic pages, of which there are many, tells about the history of the famous peak, which has become a guarantee of prosperity for Zermatt, and for many hotheads from all over the world – the last refuge. At the same time, in the museum you can admire the harsh life of mountain guides of the last century, whose breakfast (as well as lunch and dinner), judging by the exposition, consisted of a couple of baked potatoes and a pine cone.

Dmitry Shishkanov

Alpin Fun Park offers its guests winter golf and winter volleyball. The resort will also not let you get bored with billiards, table football, curling, outdoor and indoor skating rinks, fitness centers, paragliding, golf (in Simi and Grand Zermatterhof hotels), bowling (Bristol hotel, Kegelstube restaurant), tennis (Alex and Alpen Resort hotels), squash, municipal swimming pools (there are 18 of them, one with salt water) and saunas at hotels. There are also all kinds of excursions in Zermatt and its surroundings.

Despite the fact that the fun here is expensive, the resort’s bars are always crowded. Recommended bars: Village and Pink Elephant, two of the most famous discos (both with some ambiguous names): Moby Dick’s and Pollux.


In Zermatt, in addition to all sorts of international sports competitions in alpine skiing, other interesting competitions are held: in mid-January – Horu Trophy, one of the largest curling competitions in Europe. In early March – ski touring Zermatt – Rothorn, mogul competition Triftji Bump Bash.

3 things you must do in Zermatt

  1. Meet the charming lamb Wally.
  2. Admire the mountain views from the window of the “Ice Express”
  3. Capture the most photographed Alpine peak, the Matterhön.

Zermatt for children

The resort seems to be created for families with children. Hotels and restaurants (especially those marked with the Valley lamb) have everything you need for kids – a special menu, children’s portions, playrooms and playgrounds, babysitting services and animators. Zermatt has many ski schools aimed at young athletes. They teach children from 4 to 16 years old, you can leave the child for a few hours or the whole day. Many have full-fledged kindergartens with games, outdoor walks and meals. For training, special zones are equipped, where all the tracks are designed for children.

You should definitely visit Valley Park, where, together with the charming symbol of the resort (mascot), children play on the playground and ride water rides. And all this is on the shores of the clean mountain lake Laisee, where in summer you can swim, sunbathe or have a barbecue. It is convenient to get to the park on the Alpine Metro, it is 5 minutes from the Sunnegga station.

Another interesting place is the extreme forest park “Zermatt” (off. site in English). 6 rope trails are designed for visitors of different ages, the easiest one is from 4 years old. Choose a route depending on the level of physical fitness.


The climate of Zermatt is temperate continental, rather mild. There are no severe frosts in winter, and in summer the town has comfortable warm weather, which is more similar in temperature to the late spring of central Russia. Tourists come here all year round. Due to the high altitudes (3000-4000 m) you can go skiing or snowboarding at any time of the year.

But there is still a high season – from December to the end of April, when all the slopes and slopes of the resort are covered with a thick layer of snow. This is manifested in the number of visitors, and in the prices of housing and food. The largest influx of tourists traditionally falls on the New Year and Christmas holidays.

Attractions in Zermatt, Switzerland