Entertainment and Attractions in Sardinia, Italy

By | December 15, 2022

According to electronicsencyclopedia, Sardinia conquers with its landscapes. The best sights here were created by nature, man only slightly embellished her creations. The most fantastically beautiful cliffs, similar to a bizarre sculpture garden, are located on Cape Testa in the north of the island. There are few places in the Mediterranean where you will meet such a wild coast full of unexpected charm.

The “star” of Northern Sardinia is the 55-kilometer coastline, called the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) for the amazing color of the water. In the 1960s the beauty of this place captivated the multi-billionaire Prince Aga Khan IV so much that he decided to turn it into a resort “for his own.” The center of social life of the Emerald Coast is the glamorous Porto Cervo with the best marinas in Europe, where yachts of world celebrities moor.

From the north, the islands of the La Maddalena archipelago look at the “billionaire reservation”, the entire territory of which is occupied by a national park. To understand why they are so famous, one must walk along the paths laid out here, inhaling the scent of pine trees and admiring the bays and dramatic pink rocks created by wind and sea waves. On one of the islands of the archipelago – Caprera, Giuseppe Garibaldi lived for 26 years. The house of the father of a united Italy is now a museum.

The starting point to the islands of La Maddalena is the port of the resort town of Palau, the approaches to which are guarded by the fortress of Monta Altura.

Not only the geographical, but also the cultural and historical center of Sardinia is the inner mountainous region of Barbagia with picturesque towns and villages, formerly real robber nests. The name of the most infamous village – Orgosolo, whose inhabitants hunted with banditry, has become a household word. Now she looks very hospitable. The walls of her houses are decorated not only with bullet holes, but also with bright murals that have turned Orgosolo into a real tourist hit.

In addition to harsh peaks and charismatic settlements, Barbagia attracts with the deepest canyon in Europe – Gorropu Gorge, a real miracle of nature with waterfalls, tiny lakes with turquoise water and white sheer walls rising to a height of 500 m. The width of Gorropu at its narrowest point is only 4 m.

A characteristic part of the Sardinian landscape is nuraghe, high conical towers made of basalt blocks. They are scattered throughout the island, but south of Sassari and in Barumini are especially abundant. There is nothing in the world that even remotely resembles these mysterious prehistoric buildings. Entire complexes of nuraghes have been preserved, separated from each other by only a couple of tens of meters. What are these temples, tombs, watchtowers? Their builders left behind neither writing nor even legends.

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Sardinia accounts for a quarter of all the beaches in Italy. Moreover, according to the Italians themselves, the best part of them. The beaches of the Costa Smeralda, caressed by celebrities, are located in small beautiful bays with white, golden or pink sand. The most popular are Prince’s Beach, named after the Ismaili leader Karim Aga Khan IV, who founded the resort, and Lischia Ruja Beach, framed by juniper and strawberry trees. Porto Rotondo with rocks of an unusual shape, was chosen by divers. Young people prefer the beaches of Baia Sardinia, the noisiest resort on the Costa Smeralda. The beaches of the protected archipelago of La Maddalena, which have preserved their original beauty, have to be reached by boat.

On some beaches, for example, Rosa Beach on Budelli Island, covered with pink shells of shellfish, it is forbidden to land – they can only be admired from the water.

The central beach of Lido in Alghero is one of the best on the Coral Riviera. Those looking for privacy can choose Le Bombarde beach located to the north with clear water and the smell of pine needles.

For a set of two sun loungers and an umbrella, you need to pay 10-22 EUR (depending on the prestige of the place). Showers can also be charged.

The beaches of Mari Ermi and Is Arutas, 20 km west of Oristano, with white quartz sand and gentle shallows, are recommended by Italian doctors for families with children. To the south of them begins the Costa Verde – the Green Coast, wide sparsely populated beaches with sand dunes, fenced off from the outside world by a wall of evergreen shrubs. The northwestern mistrals drive high waves towards them, which are so appreciated by surfers.

Each beach in the southeast is good in its own way. Poetto beach in Cagliari with bars, restaurants, food vendors, beach equipment rental is the largest and most crowded on the island. On the beach of the quiet town of Torre delle Stelle, the swimming season lasts from April to November – longer than anywhere else in Sardinia. The beaches of Costa Rei are the cleanest on the island.

5 things to do in Sardinia

  1. First of all, immediately lie down on a sandy beach to get your dose of ultraviolet radiation and sea bathing.
  2. Dive to wrecks off the coast of Villasimius.
  3. Taste the “sweet nutmeg” and use it (in moderation, of course) throughout the rest.
  4. Admire the charm of the numerous churches of Sassari.
  5. Visit the picturesque cave of Neptune in the vicinity of Alghero.


Sardinia always has comfortable weather. Already in March there is enough sun and heat. Starting in April, resort hotels fill up with vacationers. In mid-May, even children can swim. Summers are dry and hot, especially in the south of the island. Sea breezes, trips to mountainous areas and hotel air conditioners save you from the scorching heat. In September, the heat gradually subsides, but this does not affect the water temperature in any way. In October the nights become cold and the sea begins to cool. Winter is rainy, but quite pleasant. There are almost no tourists, and only European pensioners entertain themselves with excursions to the interior of the island.

Attractions in Sardinia, Italy