Entertainment and Attractions in Rimini, Italy

By | December 15, 2022

In Rimini, there is something to do besides a beach holiday. Fans of sightseeing tourism will like the historical part of the city, where many architectural monuments have been preserved. One of the most notable is the Arch of Emperor Augustus. Previously, it served as a gate to the city, now it is located almost in the center. Another interesting building is Tiberius Bridge. This massive crossing impresses with its strength – the wooden piles have withstood 2000 years.

Less than 500 meters from the Arch of Augustus, in the Alcide Cervi park, you can see another fragment of the ancient Roman fortress walls.

According to ezhoushan, Cavour Square is surrounded by buildings from different eras – the palaces of the communities, the Starosta and the medieval assembly, the neoclassical Gali Theater and others. A 3-minute walk from here, right behind the theater, is Sismondo Castle, whose history is inextricably linked with the ruler of Rimini – Pandolfo Malatesta. And a 5-minute walk from the square is the cathedral – the tomb of this sovereign family. It is built in the Franciscan Gothic style, the interior is decorated with frescoes depicting the crucifixion of Christ and Sigismondo Malatesta himself, kneeling before his saint.

Ancient buildings have been preserved on Cavour, which still fulfill their function to this day. You can buy fresh seafood at the 18th-century fish market, and drink water from the Piña marble fountain. Not far from the square, on Gambalungo Street, stands the building of the eponymous library of the 17th-18th centuries. After the tour, we recommend visiting the ancient halls and manuscripts.

The “House of the Surgeon” in Piazza Ferrari is a museum under a glass dome. During excavations, archaeologists discovered the ruins of ancient buildings, and in them – mosaics, vases, figurines, surgical instruments and utensils for preparing medicines. Since 2007, everyone who wants to see evidence of an ancient civilization has been allowed to enter here. Tired of antiquities, you can go to Del Fante Street and admire the fisherman’s house, the walls of which are almost completely lined with shell rock. It is also worth taking a walk along the embankment to the port, where there is a lighthouse built in the maritime baroque style. In Piazza Fellini, tourists are attracted by a modern monument in the form of a giant camera.

5 things to do in Rimini

  1. It is great to relax on the 15-kilometer La Marina beach.
  2. To dine in the same diner, walk along the same street and sit on the same bench – in general, merge with Federico Fellini.
  3. Taste parmesan and Parma ham directly in their historical homeland.
  4. To delve into the intricacies of ancient surgical instruments in the “Surgeon’s House”.
  5. Go shopping and upgrade your wardrobe.

Rimini for children

In a small resort town, young tourists can enjoy water and land attractions, funny dolphin performances and other entertainment. The theme park ” Italy in Miniature ” combines masterpieces of Italian and European architecture, fun rides and outdoor activities. It is better to take a whole day to visit, to calmly wander between the Leaning and Eiffel towers, the Colosseum, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and other exhibits.

In the Rimini Dolphinarium, it is interesting to observe the inhabitants through the portholes in the aquarium; There are performances several times a day.

In the Fiabilandia amusement park, you can visit the valley of the gnomes, feel like a pirate or a caterpillar, overcome the mysterious labyrinth and play Indians. There are several dozen attractions for children and adults. In neighboring Riccione, there is the Beach Village water park, where slides are equipped for the whole family – from harmless to extreme. And not far from it is Aquafan, the most famous water town in Italy. It is larger in area, the attractions are more diverse, there are wave pools, jacuzzis and waterfalls.

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The mild climate of Rimini has features of the Mediterranean and temperate continental. The beach season opens in early May and lasts until the end of October, peaking in June-August. In summer, the weather is comfortable, there is no strong heat. Even in June-August, when the water warms up to the maximum, the air remains warm, but does not burn. In October, the weather deteriorates – the wind rises, it rains more often, storms occur.

In winter, there is no severe cold, but thanks to night frosts, snow falls. And although it is cool, foggy and windy here in January, there are many visitors – they are attracted by discounts and sales. Spring in the resort is rainy, but in April it is already comfortable to walk around the city and see the sights.

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Holidays and events

The traditional celebration of the summer Italian New Year “Pink Night” (La Notte Rosa) is a non-stop festival in pink, the most important event of the summer. Moving inland from the coast, the Pink Night from dusk to dawn with its concerts, shows and fireworks will swallow up 110 km of the Adriatic coast, which includes about 700 beaches of the Romagna Riviera!

During the high season, the Federico Fellini Park on Rimini’s waterfront hosts almost daily mini-concerts of jazz musicians, dances and exhibitions. At this time, almost all beaches organize recreational activities for children and adults. There is no need to pay for entertainment programs – all this is included in the cost of the daily rent of a sunbed and umbrella.

Throughout the year, various festivals, sports games, folk celebrations, theatrical, circus and street performances are held in Rimini. Detailed information – at city ​​website.

Attractions in Rimini, Italy