Endicott College Rankings

By | April 18, 2020

Overview of Endicott College

Endicott College, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, is a private liberal arts institution with a strong focus on experiential learning and professional development. Established in 1939, Endicott has evolved into a comprehensive college offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines. The college is known for its picturesque seaside campus, commitment to career preparation, and emphasis on hands-on learning experiences.

The campus of Endicott College is situated along the scenic coastline of Massachusetts, providing students with a beautiful and inspiring setting for their academic journey. The campus features a mix of historic and modern facilities, including academic buildings, residence halls, and state-of-the-art facilities that contribute to a vibrant and engaging learning environment.

Endicott College is organized into multiple schools, each offering programs tailored to specific academic and professional interests. The Van Loan School at Endicott College provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, including those in business, education, nursing, and the arts. The school’s commitment to adult and professional education aligns with the college’s mission to prepare students for successful careers.

The School of Arts and Sciences at Endicott offers programs in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and communication. The college places a strong emphasis on providing students with a well-rounded education that fosters critical thinking, effective communication, and a broad understanding of the world.

Endicott College is renowned for its experiential learning model, which includes the internship-based “three-semester” approach. Students have the opportunity to complete three internships during their time at Endicott, gaining valuable real-world experience in their chosen fields. The college’s commitment to hands-on learning extends beyond internships, with opportunities for research, study abroad, and collaborative projects with faculty.

The Internship and Career Center at Endicott College plays a crucial role in facilitating experiential learning opportunities for students. The center works closely with employers to connect students with internships and career-related experiences that align with their academic and professional goals. This emphasis on career preparation is a defining feature of the Endicott experience.

The School of Business at Endicott College offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs in business administration, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and more. The business programs integrate practical experiences, case studies, and industry connections to prepare students for success in the competitive business landscape.

The School of Hospitality Management at Endicott is known for its strong emphasis on experiential learning within the dynamic hospitality industry. Students in hospitality programs have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through internships, cooperative education experiences, and partnerships with leading hospitality organizations.

The School of Nursing at Endicott College is committed to educating compassionate and skilled healthcare professionals. The nursing programs incorporate clinical experiences, simulations, and cutting-edge technology to prepare students for the challenges of modern healthcare. The school’s partnerships with healthcare institutions provide students with opportunities for hands-on learning in diverse healthcare settings.

Endicott College also offers programs in the arts, including visual arts, performing arts, and graphic design. The Walter J. Manninen Center for the Arts serves as a hub for artistic expression, featuring galleries, studios, and performance spaces. The college’s commitment to the arts extends to programs that integrate creativity and innovation across various disciplines.

Endicott College values a strong sense of community and student engagement. The campus is home to numerous student organizations, clubs, and activities, providing opportunities for students to connect with peers who share similar interests. From academic and professional organizations to cultural and recreational clubs, students have a range of options to enhance their college experience.

Athletics play a significant role in campus life at Endicott College. The Gulls, the college’s athletic teams, compete in NCAA Division III as members of the Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC). The college offers a variety of varsity sports, contributing to school spirit and a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff.

Endicott College is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community. The college actively promotes equity and inclusion through initiatives, programs, and support services that create a welcoming environment for students from all backgrounds.

Endicott College stands as a dynamic institution that combines academic rigor with a commitment to experiential learning and career preparation. Its picturesque campus, diverse academic programs, and emphasis on internships contribute to a transformative educational experience. Endicott continues to prepare graduates who are not only academically proficient but also well-equipped for success in their chosen careers.

376 Hale Street Beverly, MA 01915
Phone: (978) 921-1000
Email: admissio@endicott.edu
Web site: http://www.endicott.edu

Rankings: Endicott College

Located in Beverly, MA, Endicott College is one of the best universities in the state of Massachusetts. On this page, you will find in-depth rankings for Endicott College in the following areas: graduation rates, teaching  resources, financing opportunities, and alumni donations. Latest acceptance rate is also given to show how competitive is Endicott College.

Rankings, Ratings, and Admissions Statistics
Overall Ranking: 17
Score: 38
Peer college rating (out of 5) 2.9
Graduation and retention ranking: 13
Average freshman retention rate: 81.0%
6-year graduation rate: 60.0%
Predicted graduation rate: N/A
Overperformance(+)/Underperformance(-): N/A
Faculty resources ranking: 39
Classes with under 20 students (2020): 49.2%
Classes with 50 or more students (2020): 0.0%
Student faculty ratio (2020): 16:1
Percent of faculty who are full-time (2020) 70.2%
Student selectivity ranking: 9
SAT/ACT 25th-75th percentile (2020) 1000-1160
2020 Freshmen in top 10 percent of high school class: 10%
Freshmen in top 25 percent of high school class (2020): 38%
Fall 2020 Acceptance rate: 48.6%
Financial resources rank: 56
Alumni giving rank: 12
Average alumni giving rate (2020): 18.6%

Essential Facts: Endicott College

  • Endicott is located right on the Atlantic Ocean in Beverly, MA. Endicott is very serious about their academics and strives for students to succeed. Endicott is known for their internship programs.
  • On June 6, 1939, Endicott College purchased its first building, an estate known today as Reynolds Hall, which has served as a residence hall since the college opened on September 17, 1939.
  • With an acceptance rate of 69% in the fall of 2019, the Endicott College admissions are moderately selective. A total of 5, 031 applications were received this semester with an enrollment rate of 24%.

Endicott College History

Rules and regulations Sports Activities 

General Information  
Percent of undergraduate students who live in college-owned, operated, or affiliated housing: 86%
Percent of undergraduates who are members of a fraternity: N/A
Percent of student body who are members of a sorority: N/A
Average percentage of students on campus during weekends: 68%
Are all students permitted to have cars on campus? No
Percent of students who have cars on campus: 53%
Is alcohol permitted on campus for students of legal age? Yes
Additional policies and regulations: class attendance policies set by individual instructors, honor code, hazing prohibited
Collegiate athletic association: NCAA III
Men’s scholarship sports: N/A
Women’s scholarship sports: N/A
Student activities: campus ministries, choral groups, dance, drama/theater, international student organization, jazz band, literary magazine, model UN, music ensembles, musical theater, radio station, student government, student newspaper, student film society, television station, yearbook