El Quseir, Egypt

By | November 25, 2022

This resort is unknown to the average tourist, but if the walls of your house are hung with testimonies of a real diver and photographs of the bewitching underwater world, planning your travel route in Egypt, in the very first lines you will definitely mark El Quseir, the holy of holies for diving enthusiasts. The town still remains a quiet backwater among the azure sea expanses of the Red Sea, the inhabitants of the village do not feel the harsh, impudent hand of the turbaron, who has not yet managed to set up here and there clubs, skyscraper hotels, wide embankments and highways rattling with deafening music, so they live their lives measuredly. working life under the hot desert sun.

How to get there

Flight to Hurghada, then transfer about 2 hours 30 minutes by taxi, about 3 hours by bus (22-28 EGP).

The main transport in the city is minibuses, the cost is from 0.5-2 EGP.

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Surprisingly, even the relative proximity to the noisy Egyptian resorts did not prevent this oasis from remaining almost untouched. The hotel complexes located outside the town did not have time to disfigure the ancient land, the artifacts of which still keep a centuries-old history in the walls of fortresses, mosques and temples dilapidated by time and bad weather. Outside the gates of the hotel there is a majestic and incorruptible desert, sparkling with its smooth surfaces in the sun, so tourists are content with entertainment inside the hotel, which is quite enough to take up a small part of the time left after many hours of underwater excursions.

Entertainment and attractions of El Quseir

The religious and historical gem of El Quseir is the Al-Farran Mosque, one of the best examples of Islamic architecture that is of interest not only to idle tourists, but also to religious guests who come to the beautiful building on the coast for prayer. By the way, photography and video shooting in the halls filled with solemnity and enlightenment is paid (about 10 EGP). This is not the only mosque in the local area: Al-Quadima, Al-Quseir and Al-Sinousi also receive the attention of infrequent tourists. The main thing is not to confuse Muslim shrines and beaches, so as not to hear the disapproving rumble of local residents about too revealing outfits.

Another gem in the modest diadem of the Egyptian resort is the fort (fortress) of the Ottoman Sultan Selim, dating from the 16th century and having seen many attacks, bloody battles from the time of the great Sultan. Entrance to the virtually unbreakable walls, once the city’s most important strategic site, now costs 15 EGP. You can also visit during your vacation the tomb of the Sufi ruler Sayad al-Shazli, the ruins of the old port city of the Roman Empire, the Bedouin settlements, the gold mine of the 7th century AD.

As for shopping, it is worth remembering that shops in the town are open until 22.00, and in the market, where there is no fixed price for goods, you can bargain until you are stupefied.

3 things to do in El Quseir

  1. Walk in the evening along the main street, framed by colorful souvenir shops, and then smoke a fragrant hookah in one of the cozy cafes, washing it down with spiced coffee.
  2. Personally see, and if you’re lucky and touch the wreckage of a ship that sank in 1991 called the Salem Express during one of the dives.
  3. Take a picture with a water camera with crocodile fish and octopuses, permanent inhabitants of the picturesque Zabargad reef.


This part of the holiday in El Quseir deserves special attention, because it is the magical waters, in which unique coral reefs and the insanely bewitching flora and fauna of the Red Sea are hidden, that are the reason for the arrival of tourists. The coral reefs of Abu Dabab, El Finstone and Samadai, amazing in their beauty and richness of flora and fauna, will be remembered for your acquaintance with dolphins, barracudas, rays and even sharks, if you have the courage.

Dive safari will be a special and enjoyable adventure that will start off the coast of El Quseir and end with an unforgettable dive in the waters of Sudan. The scheme is simple: we rent a yacht for a few days, which will cruise far from civilization, rent all the necessary equipment and dive for our own pleasure, plunging into an indescribably luxurious world that opens its turquoise embrace literally a meter from the water surface. A week tour will cost about 1300-1500 EUR. Also popular is the diving route to the national parks: Brothers (Ahuvane) and Dedimze. Brothers, became available for diving relatively recently, and you can get there only on ships with a special permit. And curious tourists are drawn here because of the opportunity to meet the hammerhead fish living in these waters and other large ocean living creatures.

Coral reefs are located at great depths, so they are suitable only for experienced divers. The Akassia Swiss Inn has a decent Water World dive center. El Quseir is only 80 km from Marsa Alam, so “dive trips” are often organized there. The most popular: a trip to the islands of Big and Small Brother.

El Quseir, Egypt