Egypt Travel Facts

By | April 9, 2022

Egypt is one of the most culturally interesting countries on earth. Pharaohs, pyramids – I read a lot about them as a child and dreamed of visiting this country one day. With its capital Cairo, Egypt is one of the most populous cities and regions in the world. The country is mostly in Africa, but with the Sinai Peninsula it also has a section that is already part of Asia. In this country, the many ancient architectural sights are particularly attractive, but also the opportunity for wonderful bathing holidays.

Capital City Cairo
Size 1,001,450 km²
Resident 89,100,000
Official Language Arabic
Currency Egyptian pound
Time Zone UTC+2 / UTC+3 (SZ)
Telephone Area Code +20

Source: Destination Explorer

Fast facts to know

  • In Egyptian culture, children and pregnant women are preferred.
  • Hospitality writ large.
  • Pay attention to correct clothing.
  • Observe Islamic customs and rules.

Exciting cities in Egypt

  • Cairo
  • Alexandria
  • Giza
  • Hurghada
  • Luxor

History of Egypt

  • Rise to high culture around 3000 BC Chr.
  • Descent to a Roman province
  • rule of Islam
  • Under British control
  • Egypt as a republic

Climate & travel weather in Egypt

  • hot and dry summer months
  • Best travel time: October to May

Ideas for excursions in Egypt

  • Nile cruise
  • desert safari
  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Luxor Temple
  • Sinai Peninsula

Eating & Drinking in Egypt

  • Meat is usually scarce
  • Food consists largely of grains, mainly rice, beans, tomatoes, onions and garlic.
  • Rich appetizers served on small plates.
  • Flatbread is often served with it.
  • Typical delicacies:
    • roasted pigeons
    • Bean Stew “Foul Medames”
    • “Falafel”
    • “Baglawa”
    • Red Sea fish dishes
  • Tea is usually served as a drink. (Red mallow tea, called karkadé, black tea or mint tea)
  • Never drink tap water in Egypt (diarrhea or stomach problems).
  • If in doubt, avoid food from street vendors.
  • Note: Leave a small amount on the initially fully loaded plate. Otherwise, it means you’re still hungry and you get a second helping.

Particularly scenic

  • Libyan desert
  • blue desert
  • Sinai Peninsula

Egypt Travel Facts