Easter Island Landmarks

By | August 12, 2021

Easter Island offers its visitors a large number of different attractions.

You should definitely not miss the Padre Sebastian Englert Museum. There are numerous works of art to visit here. The highlight of the museum is the only remaining coral eye that can be found around the entire Pacific.

If you like it full of secrets, you should take a look at the Manavai caves, in German the sunken gardens.

There are more than a thousand giant stone statues to see all over Easter Island. Even today, scientists know nothing about the reasons why they were built.
The first statues must have been erected around four hundred AD. Scientists can only prove that the figures were aligned in a special way towards the sun.
Later, the existing platforms were converted into terraces to accommodate the first giant statues. The figures were placed so that they look directly into the country. All statues were specially carved out of the crater walls of the volcano the Rano Raraku.
Scientists can no longer understand what the statues are supposed to represent, but the locals believe that the figures are the images of dead rulers. Furthermore, according to their belief, the statues are said to have supernatural powers, which the locals see as confirmed by the fact that the island has a number of deviations in geomagnetism.

With this in mind, there are some important sites to visit.

All archaeological sites on the island are combined in the Rapanui National. In the Raraku quarry crater there are up to four hundred stone statues in different stages of manufacture to be seen. The largest unfinished statue that can be seen here weighs 270.00 kilograms and is approximately twenty-one meters high.

Tongariki has fifteen statues and petroglyphs, which are symbols carved in stone.

Orongo is an important place of the Vogelmann cult. There are old stone houses, petroglyphs and a wonderful landscape to experience.

Other places where you can see some remains from Easter Island’s past are Vinapu, Tahai, Ahu Tebeu, Ahu anakena, Te Pinto Kura, Ahu Raai and Hekii.

For the athletes among the visitors to Easter Island, there are various possibilities to pursue their hobby. So you can ride here. You have the choice between day trips or a five-day horseback excursion to explore the islands.

But surfing is also possible. There are three recommended surfing spots in the south of the island.

Diving is especially fun on Easter Island, as the water is clear and there is an interesting marine fauna to be seen here.

Easter Island – arrival

Plane: As a country located in Oceania defined by ehistorylib.com, Easter Island can only be reached by plane from Santiago de Chile or Papeete (Tahiti, French Polynesia). LAN is the only airline that brings visitors to Easter Island several times a week. These flights are often fully booked, so it is advisable to book the ticket in good time.

Easter Island Landmarks

Easter Island – traveling in the country

Car: apart from the Hanga Roas streets, almost the entire road along the east coast to Anakena is paved. Side roads and the access roads to some of the archaeological sites are not paved but are in good condition. The petrol is relatively cheap and the distances are short. If you want to explore the island on your own, you should always have enough water with you, as there is hardly any access to drinking water outside of Hanga Roa.

Rental cars On Easter Island there are several hotels and agencies that offer rental vehicles (cars and motorcycles). Motorcycles in particular are cheap to rent. However, insurance is usually not included in the rental price. Anyone who rents a vehicle should check its condition before using it. More information on rental vehicles is available from the tourist office, in the hotels or from the most important rental car agencies. These include Tekena Inn Rent a Car, Mana Nui Rent a Car, REnt a Car Insular, Oceanic Rapa Nui Rent a Car and Rent-a-Car Moira.

The transport on Easter Island is mainly by taxi contested s. Fixed prices generally apply to inner-city journeys. For longer journeys, prices can be negotiated, but are mainly based on the journey time.

Bicycle: In Hanga Roa it is possible to rent inexpensive bicycles.

Best travel time for Easter Island

Regardless of when you visit Easter Island: you always have to expect rain. In order to get as little precipitation as possible, but at the same time to enjoy the warmest temperatures, it is recommended to come to the island between September and March.

In the other months it rains even more, but it also gets a lot colder. So not exactly ideal conditions for a vacation.